Sagittarius Season 2020

Can you feel the uplift? Just a few hours ago the Sun moved into Sagittarius, and the hopeful optimism of this sign is just what we need to close out this intense year. Here are some tips for using the month ahead…

Look to your belief systems for inspiration

Sagittarius does crave freedom to roam, and with ruler Jupiter still in its fall and current trapped between Pluto and Saturn, escape is on our minds but how? Where? When? While many of us are still held in place physically, it’s a reminder we can let our minds and spirits free to do that work instead. Sagittarius encourages us to lift our heads from the survival mode of 2020 and look up towards those places that inspire our faith and belief. With our cultural structures crumbling around us, what spiritual beliefs keep you grounded, hopeful and inspired?

Finding meaning in your losses

Sagittarius searches for meaning in its journey towards the bigger picture, launching fiery arrows into the sky to light the way. In recent years, grief expert David Kessler added a 6th stage to the grief process – finding meaning as a way to bring closure and find peace and hope after experiences of loss. I believe that is the gift of the month ahead as we look at the story of grief from 2020 and reflect on why it happened and what silver linings have presented. You may also realise you’re not quite there yet, and there is more to accept and release, which is all part of the process. 

Seek guidance and wisdom

Sagittarius is also about the sharing of wisdom, and the month ahead may find you turning to a trusted teacher or mentor for inspiration on moving forwards. As we all face unknown future ahead, wise words of  experience can bring settlement and belief that all will be well. While it feels like a unique time in history, it is just one phase of challenge that in centuries of human history. Turn to those who have lived through challenging times, and learn from their words – Nelson Mandela, Maya Angelou, Izzeldine Abuelaish and Victor Frankl could all fit here.

Search for truth

Sagittarius season signals the coming eclipses and hopefully a nail in the coffin of this Age of Misinformation. Sagittarius can be opinionated but we must remember our opinions are not the reality of others (this works in reverse too). Spend the month ahead holding your beliefs up to critical light, be willing to be open-minded in your search for truth. This mutable sign is open to change, and you may find in listening to the facts, your opinion may change, broadening to assimilate an even higher view. Local needs, country needs, global needs, Universal needs… each viewpoint guides us higher and higher towards a larger truth.

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