Sagittarius Solar Eclipse

 14 December – London 4.16pm, Eastern 11.16am, Pacific 8.16am, 15 December – Brisbane 2.16am.

Sagittarius 23 – What’s the truth behind the truth?

The coming New Moon is in fact a Solar eclipse, and as such isn’t about intention setting or manifesting the new. Instead, it’s really about looking at what is true in your life now, compared to what was the Sagittarius New Moon in December last year. How far have you come? Heat you left behind? What little miracles have come on the way.

Centaur Sagittarius send fiery arrows to the sky in search of meaning and purpose, always roaming to find new insights and have a new perspective on the truth. Yet with Jupiter in the last degrees of Capricorn and close on Saturn’s constrictive energy, the Sun’s travails through its sign this year have been dampened and the usual confidence is harder to access. In a year when we’ve all been held in place in varying degrees, the freedom to roam seems like a long-distant dream. How to find purpose in a world turned on its axis? What meaning can found in the crumbling of our social structures? Follow the burning trail of those arrows to take your vision higher, towards the stars, towards the divine. Tomorrow’s eclipse may unearth a new perspective you’ve never dreamt of before, and if you’re strongly wedded to the dreams of your past, you won’t be able to reach for the growth of tomorrow.

Sagittarius strives for truth and integrity. True to the current astrology, truth has been a hot topic of debate in recent weeks in our household. My daughter, very age appropriately, has been dabbling with bending the truth recently and learning some hard lessons of being caught up on a gentle web of deceit. She said to me last night “The truth is just so much easier Mum” relieved of the burden of stress around which falseity to keep up. We are all living in an age of misinformation, when social media is judge and jury, where the opinions of others are proffered as truth. If it seems the truth is harder to find, this is where critical thinking can be employed. Mercury is closely involved in this eclipse, and can serve up a dose of logic so the facts aren’t based solely on supposition and what we hope or believe to be true.

Yes, belief can shape our reality but we must ensure our beliefs are solid and firm for them to last the distance and then actually act from them – as the Sukhraj Dhillon has said “your beliefs don’t make you a better person; your behaviour does”. As Mars trines this eclipse, it encourages us to act from our integrity. Years like the one just past hone and test our beliefs, shown us where false friends lie and where others have stood the test of time. 

Trust in what is beside you right now, the small truths and beliefs in your world. Like the Wizard of Oz, this eclipse is showing us the truth behind the truth, the person behind the mask. Wisdom comes in small understandings, not huge trumpet blasts, it’s only when you pool them all together that great leaps happen.

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