Saturn in Aquarius

Father Time has moved into its higher energy day sign of Aquarius, bringing relief to Capricorn, and the Cardinal signs in general. If you have placements in Aries, Cancer, and Libra, it’s almost like crawling out of a cramped space and finally getting the chance to S T R E T C H! Saturn’s constrictive energy was especially potent for you during the last few years because of its dance with underworld lord Pluto and the drainage point of the South Node. Add in Jupiter just this year to add EXTRA emphasis to the serious, slow energy, though there were some uplifting moments it brought too. So now the emphasis is moving to Aquarius, with Jupiter joining Saturn tomorrow and moving towards the Grand conjunction on Monday/Tuesday. Aquarius is an air sign, and the traditional temperament for air is warmth and moisture. Basically, it’s like taking your grandfather from the cold Gobi desert to an Amazonian rainforest; he may sweat more but his aches and pains will ease enough for him to move about more easily. There is so much I want to say about this but for now, let me break it down into bite-size information and suggestions for the 2+ years ahead:

• Try building structures that lift you towards a higher perspective – mind alternating conversations, staying open to the future, or perhaps just building this rocket to the Moon!

• Form better relationships with what and how we communicate knowledge and be sure to come from a solid ethos. This includes being more responsible with your use of technology.

• Saturn reaps what it sows, and the drive of the air of Aquarius is towards higher knowledge as the water bearer was seen to bring the knowledge and the wisdom of the Gods. Do you have a solid container into which that knowledge can be poured? And how unbiased it?

• The neutral detachment of Aquarius can’t be understated and may be the antidote we need to current global issues. Aquarius is the edges of society and always makes me think of alien movies like Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Arrival – beings arrive with no knowledge of our history and seem puzzled why humans act the way they do; from murder to wars over territory and resources, and the unending urge of the ego to consume and possess beyond our planets’ ability to support us. If only we can see if from that viewpoint.

• Fixed signs (Aquarius, Taurus, Leo and Scorpio) will now become familiar with Saturn’s testing nature, so expect challenges and hardships that will test your mettle and build your resilience.

• Saturn return is coming up for those born between Feb 1991 to January 1994 and January 1962 (except May and June ’93) to December 1964 (except April to Sept ‘64). Depending on the degree your Saturn lies at, a new cycle of maturity awaits so be ready to take on new responsibilities and duties.

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