Saturn in Pisces

* This article was originally published in Wellbeing Magazine’s 2023 Astrology issue.

In March 2023, Saturn moves into the waters of Pisces, bringing its mature, realistic influence into a new area of your life until February 2026. Jupiter’s 2022 journey through Pisces brought growth and opportunities in one area of your life, and now Saturn comes to test the Jupiter endeavours. Like a well-tended field now offering its crop, Saturn offers the scythe for harvesting and the discipline to sustain your effort, so the harvest doesn’t molder in the fields. “As you sow, so shall you reap” is a Saturnian phrase, reminding us that choices have consequences and sincere effort is often rewarded.

Master of the Tangible in the Realm of the Intangible

Saturn’s rings epitomise its restrained energy and wish to create form.  Since December 2017, Saturn has been comfortable building and anchoring through the signs it rules; first traditional, steady Capricorn and then the cool domain of Aquarius’s innovation and intellect. Once it shifts into Pisces, Saturn is under the rulership of Jupiter. Here, the king of limitations and caution must find its way through the foreign terrain of Jupiter’s expansion and hope.

Conundrums will surround Saturn’s move into the mystical constellation. How can you create form that allows for flow? Enforce discipline in chaos? Invite reality into the magical? The Saturnian urge for boundaries protects our self, building our separation from oneness. Yet this is the opposite of the Piscean yearning for interconnection with all that is.

The mystery of life isn’t a problem to solve, but a reality to experience” – Frank Herbert

The trick? Not to see only opposing polarities but to attempt to honour both as precious gifts. Pisces is known for its elusive nature, while Saturn can build a sacred vessel to hold those ethereal waters, helping you master an area that always feels hard to grasp. Pisces can melt Saturn’s harsh edges towards gentler lines. Peering into history shows many examples of how Saturnian tests built suitable strong vessels to contain the magical possibilities of Pisces, here are some key themes to explore:

Commitment to emotional health

Saturn sets the rules, and if you’re a water lover you’ll know that water has its own set of rules totally different to the earthy domains. This also applies to our inner waters too, as navigating the seas of the subconscious is different to walking the bright corridors of the conscious mind. After the emotional turbulence of the past few years, Saturn in Pisces may dredge up unconscious fears or habits that need quiet reflective periods and non-judgemental support to face and move beyond. Just because it doesn’t make logical sense, doesn’t mean it’s not real, and a commitment to curious compassion for yourself can bring deep acceptance and healing.

Solidifying Peace

Saturn has brought constraints to the peace of Pisces many times in history, yet in these times when peace seemed far away, the foundations of future peace were built, such as the “Make Love, Not War” slogan chanted during marches as the Peace Movement grew in the mid 60’s. Mahatma Ghandi created the idea of ‘satyagraha’ or non-violent protest in another such time, which he called ‘truth-force’ or ‘love-force’ and later demonstrated its effectiveness to gain Indian independence. Nelson Mandela relied on peaceful tactics when he inherited a country on the brink of civil war in 1997. He founded a Truth and Reconciliation Commission just after his election, using Piscean principles of forgiveness and understanding to form a more harmonious future for South Africa.

On a personal level, this coming period is an opportunity to centre harmony in our everyday choices, and establishing inner peace is the perfect first step. There are many tools you can commit to, including meditation to resolve mental conflicts, or parts therapy to resolve emotional battles between inner lives. A process of self-forgiveness can lift the discord of blame and regret, while the practice of self-compassion allows you to gently take responsibility for mistakes without the harshness of criticism.

Tests of Faith and Soulful Connection

Pisces is a Jupiter ruled sign, and it explores truth; faith and seeking of higher truth. Historically, Saturn’s travels through this sign have revealed the dark side of religions, especially Christianity which shares the emblem of the fish with Pisces. In an age when religion is losing its relevance, many of us are finding our own paths to faith and higher connection. As the coming years bring further tests to world religions, Saturn reminds you to come back to your basic foundations, the divine spark within that guides when you allow it. Saturn in Pisces asks you to melt away the layers of dogma and commit to your higher connection in whatever rituals work for you. Perhaps it’s prayer and meditation, perhaps time in nature. For me, reminders of my Universal connection line in the rhythms of nature – star gazing, wave riding and thunderstorms.

Anchoring Love in Acts of Service

The Greeks had many words for love, as they recognised all it’s forms. Pisces is connected to the transcendent agape form of love, linked with connection to a higher power or divine source. This selfless, unconditional love sees all humans as equal, melting away the barriers between us. The Greeks believed this to be the hardest kind of love to practice, and the most fulfilling, bringing with it an ecstatic feeling known as “helpers high”.

Unconditional love is the ultimate test of trust in surrendering yourself to be a pipeline for higher force to cross the boundary from the unseen to the seen. It can have so many outlets, from small acts of kindness to strangers to the hard journey of finding forgiveness for those who have wronged us. Saturn teaches “if it’s worth it, it takes work” and the dedication to this kind of service is ultimately uplifting for you, and the human race.

Practical Magic and Real Imagination

Who doesn’t wish for magic in their life, a way to feel the excitement and power of connecting to ethereal world. Yet the secret to ethereal connection seems quite dull – repetitive devotion. If you hope to align with higher forces, you need to form a relationship of trust, and like any relationship trust builds in showing up when you say you will, time after time. This is the perfect blend of Saturn’s structure and discipline in a Pisces otherworldly connection, so use this energy well to deep your magical practices. The same can be applied to using imagination, the consistency of creating space to sit at a blank page or canvas regularly encourages the creative juices to flow. While it seems counter intuitive, structuring creative space in your schedule encourages connection, because nothing can flow through a blocked pipe.

Saturn in Pisces natives: time for your Saturn return

The Saturn in Pisces generation holds beautiful gifts of creativity, empathy and kindness; I often see a willingness to go the extra effort for those who are wounded; and a drive to bring harmony to situations where others may fear to tread. Saturn has a 29-year transit round the sun, and when Saturn returns to place it was at when you were born (between 27-30 and then 54-58 years of age), challenges and experiences encourage you towards a new level of maturity, responsibility and stability.

If your month and year of birth are shown in the table below, your Saturn Return is coming:

First Saturn return

May 22, 1993 – June 30, 1993

January 29, 1994 – April 7, 1996


Second Saturn return

March 25, 1964 – September 16, 1964

December 17, 1964 – March 3, 1967



Over the next few years, prepare to dig deep and face fears that inhibit your growth, and help you uncover hidden gifts that build a stronger foundation for your future. For example, your urge to heal may find a realistic expression, you discover a practical outlet for your creative dreams, or your intuition’s voice develops into something you can trust and rely upon.

Your Saturn return won’t be the whole time Saturn is in Pisces, you may wish to consult an astrologer for more information on the exact timings of this. Those with Saturn in Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius will also get karmic tests during this time, to keep you on the right track or see if you need to remove deadwood.

The next three years assist you in exploring how to contain and anchor more in that area of your life under Pisces’ influence, shown by your rising sign.

Aries rising

With your energetic outlook, rest isn’t usually a priority, yet this Saturn transit will teach the importance of time-out. You may choose withdrawal or circumstances push it upon you; either way Saturn invites you to explore your inner world and search for meaning in the shadows. A focus on internal wisdom and personal maturity through therapy or spiritual activities offers self-acceptance as your prize. Be cautious around secrets for the next few years, as their consequences may come back to haunt you, use your moral yardstick so you don’t become your own worst enemy. Procrastination is another side effect, so drop any expectations for highly productive ventures.

Taurus rising

Saturn in your 11th House of Good Fortune asks you to take control of your own fate. It teaches that fortune favours the prepared and disciplined as much as the brave. Expect invitations towards increased commitments in your social groups and opportunities for experience and maturity around found in roles giving back to others. Perhaps friends will lean on you more for support, and you may need to face the reality that some friendships aren’t working any longer and needing to chop out dead wood. You may prefer to restrict your socialising or spend time with committed friends.

Gemini rising

After a time of career growth and expansion in 2022, Saturn invites you to consolidate and focus on sustainable creative goals. New responsibilities offer experience towards long-term growth, so be prepared to work to prove your worth without compromising your intuitive wisdom. It’s an opportunity to develop respect and gravitas in your industry, as others acknowledge your dedication. You will taste the fruits of your labours from the past 7 years under this transit; the sweet taste of success for work well done or actively realigning if results are not shaping up as hoped.

Cancer rising

The Pisces search for higher meaning draws you deeper in for the next few years and there are many avenues to explore. Your view of the world is stabilising, and it’s worthwhile to continue exploring this process as you grow towards a peak of maturity with Saturn in Aries from 2025. You’ll gain maturity through renewed commitment to higher learning, spiritual practices or philosophical studies, helping your keep your perspective broad. This area is also linked to wisdom pathways, so you may take on a new role teaching or mentoring others or publishing your work to the world.

Leo rising

Finances are coming into focus for you over the next few years, as Saturn tightens your area of shared resources. Perhaps your partner’s income lowers, a longstanding debt called in or an inheritance is not as expected. Focusing on your financial future is prudent, and Saturn’s wisdom asks for a realistic budget that includes a long-term savings plan. Those you usually rely on for time and energy may not be as available, and contracts towards clarity will be needed. This transit can also bring emotional worries or anxieties to the surface, making it a good time to seek professional support to address the grief or pain underlying them.

Virgo rising

Saturn brings a stabilising and grounded influence into your relationships, and you’re likely to choose quality over quantity and commitment over excitement as you get serious about who you share life with. If you met someone in 2022, this could deepen your commitment to that person, or more responsibilities can come up as you care for a loved one. Saturn brings the lens of reality onto partnerships, and your tendencies towards idealism may be held in check as someone shows their feet of clay. See it as an opportunity to make mature choices and enforce high standards. Following Saturn’s call enables you to form balanced partnerships without giving your power away.

Libra rising

Great things can be achieved through hard work over the next few years, as Saturn enters your 6th house of toil and service. It may feel like a time of “all work and no play” but focusing on your 15-year goals (or creating them if you don’t have them) will help you sustain your energy – remember this is a marathon, not a sprint. You’ll gain experience through practical service pathways, so finding useful avenues for helping others can help you in the long run. Try creating disciplined daily habits that encourage health and wellbeing to support you as you move towards a peak in 2026 and beyond.  

Scorpio rising

This is a true “Choose Joy” transit, which may sound clichéd to your sceptical nature. As the Dalai Lama says “Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own actions”, so whether it’s a creative pursuit, sporting passion or general amusements, it’s time to explore filling your joy bucket, often! More responsibilities with children may arise, whether your own or others, so prepare to make room for this. This could show up as tests to your flexibility as children mature and need you to meet them in a different way. Sympathetic emotional communication will ensure a closer and deeper relationship in the long run.

Sagittarius rising

The ultimate in securing foundations towards new beginnings, this transit sets the stage for a growth period that reaches its peak in 14 years’ time. With a focus on the past, you may wish to start ancestor work or understanding your family of origin to clarify where you come from and how this shapes who you are. Saturn in Pisces can anchor encourage you to stay close to the hearth fire or bring more responsibilities in your home life.  If home becomes a burden, be clear on what is your responsibility and what lies with others, then assign accordingly.

Capricorn rising

Saturn through your third house asks you to be strategic around communication and knowledge gathering. Try structuring how you think and working on your communication style, refining where need be. New obligations in your local area may arise, such as dealing with neighbours or building strong networks in your local community. You’re more likely to be travelling short distances than far flung travel, so be diligent around car (or bicycle) repairs. The third house is also the house of the goddess, enjoy devotional rituals that honour the planet, or regular jaunts into nature.

Aquarius rising

Building financial wisdom and resilience is a key part of this transit and the perfect time to revisit your long-term wealth goals. Start with practical steps towards building that, such as setting up regular deposits into a savings account, increasing contributions to your super or exploring investment options. In this transit you become your best resource in abundance creation, so you may wish to add skills to your portfolio to ask for that promotion, build your dream or bag the big paying job.

Pisces rising

After a period of retreat and withdrawal, Saturn in Pisces marks new beginnings as you start a new 30-year cycle of maturity. Experiences of the past few years offered a new perspective on yourself, now strip back and restructure your life towards new priorities that reflect who you are now. Cautious Saturn urges taking your time here, knowing well-built foundations allow for a wider range of future choices. Your Pisces nature hates to be fenced in, so let go of any responsibilities that hamper you and uproot fears that threaten your confidence. Trust you are enough, just as you are!

7 thoughts on “Saturn in Pisces”

  1. Alicia, thank heavens for this – Saturn in Pisces. I was starting to panic at some of the stuff I’d read, but yours is the first that makes good sense.
    All a bit confronting, as last time I went thru this my first husband died with cancer. Was tough.

    1. Glad I was able to give you a more balanced view, and I can only imagine what a sad time that was for you. Hopefully it’s more about bottling some magic this time around x

  2. Dear Alicia, this is a beautifully written and wonderfully constructed analysis of the Saturnian energy in Pisces. I am becoming a foster carer this year. With Saturn transiting my 4th house, which contains Mars, your comment about changing responsibilities in the home makes a lot of sense. Thank you for your insight and guidance. Kindly, Tessa x

    1. Oh wow, such a compassionate expression of Saturn in Pisces, taking on responsibilities such as this. Lucky children to have your wisdom and guidance x

  3. Chloe Ehlers

    I couldn’t help giggle at the “choose joy” advice, it feels semi foreign, Especially after those few years of Saturn in domicile. I had a conversation with my husband last week about that topic, and how I unconsciously feel connected to suffering, pain, and struggle. This time feels really healing and regenerative.
    I remember being pregnant with my son nine years ago, I tried to imagine being a mother to an 8 year old, it felt so odd to think of our future selves, mostly because there was no plan and so the map to this day has been unclear. In gaining more clarity, boundaries, and maturity, the map has been updated to reflect all the new information and features more detail than ever before. I see puberty off in that (somewhat) 8 year distance, and chuckle at the acknowledgment of how it will somehow arrive faster than the past 8 years have. Always appreciate what your insightful mind creates, thank you!

    1. You’re most welcome Chloe, and yes, it has felt joyless hasn;t it, may this Pisces journey bring the balm we all need x

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