Scorpio Full Moon 2020

17 Scorpio | Thursday 7 May 2020 – 8.15pm Brisbane, 11.15am London, 6.15am pm New York, 3.15am Los Angeles

As a child, I was a tomboy and between climbing trees and exploring our local bush tracks, I was no stranger to cuts, scratches and bruises. One time I had a horrible cut knee that was swollen and yellow with infection. My Virgo father clicked his tongue at my unruliness, then applied a warm, moist poultice of linseeds and mustard held in place with cotton wool. It stung like anything, but that miraculous blend worked, drawing out the toxins so the skin could heal itself.

This is the beauty of Scorpio, it’s ability to draw out impurities and deeply cleanse. Imagine that huge Full Moon as a poultice to the soul, hungrily drawing out the most stubborn toxins from our inner, unconscious depths. But also like that poultice, it’s healing may sting. The intensity of the extraction process can feel like going under a tidal wave of emotions as it’s all pulled out. And happening right now, when current events are testing the resilience of our mental health the overwhelm is real. It’s normal to feel horrible right now; scared, alone, vulnerable. It’s in facing these emotions we can work through them, and reach out for the support we need to move through. With Neptune in the mix it’s tempting to bury them under a temporary salve, like alcohol or binge-watching TV but that only brings temporary relief.

I’ve spoken before about the importance of feeling the feelings, and here lies the remedy to this Full Moon. Emotions are meant to flow through us, not be held onto, and our tendency today is to stuff away the painful ones, like shame and guilt. Mars in Aquarius rules this Full Moon, and helps part of us hold some objectivity while those feelings roll through. Imagine yourself as a tall building as the tidal wave rolls against you, the water swirling through the basements and lower levels, sucking out whatever is there. The higher levels stay dry and clean, and there’s a bird eye view that shows this wave will move on, as waves do.

I know I’m not painting a wonderful picture, but as Glennan Doyle says “First the pain, then the rising”. Try to gently give yourself space over the next few days to embrace ALL the feels, knowing it’s about saying farewell. Let the tears fall. Journal out the pain or grief, and burn those pages away. And if it feels too much to cope alone, reach out for a shoulder to cry on and someone who can share your pain. Whether a friend, a therapist or key services like Lifeline and Beyond Blue – they’re there to help. Vulnerability is bravery, not weakness, and your opening up may just give someone else permission to do the same.

I recently held a free webinar on dealing with stress and anxiety during COVID-19, you can download it via this link.

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