Scorpio Full Moon 2021

Full Moon – 7 Scorpio

26 April at 8.32pm Pacific, 11.32pm Eastern and 27 April 4.32am London, 1.32pm Brisbane

This Scorpio Full Moon indicates a crossroads, as this Moon languidly draws it’s fingers  across the tense strings of the year’s main aspect – heavy Saturn’s square to excitable Uranus. The path furls out ahead, but the chthonic Scorpionic chasm must be traversed before you can truly know which path to take.

One track leads to the territory of Taurus, usually a green, serene paradise but for now Uranus’s occupation is rocking the very foundations of that land. Yet another is Aquarius, where Saturn is asking you to show up in new and unusual ways, but fears and worries create hurdles which seem insurmountable from where you currently stand. And the sunny lands of Leo are ahead, beckoning us into it’s sunlit brightness.

The thing to remember with crossroads – taking one direction now doesn’t prevent you taking another direction in the future. That black and white thinking is the shadow side of Scorpio and if it occurs it’s time to revisit the map. It’s not about opportunities lost but just seeing which opportunity best fits the present moment and following that forwards. With the ruler Mars in Cancer adding to the watery energy of Scorpio, just know logic won’t work either, you need to mebrace instinct and intuition.

Scorpio makes me think of the ancient shamans, the tribal healers who lived on the edges of the group but knew innately understood all that happened. They were who members turned to with their pain, their fears, their woes and their traumas. They didn’t back away from an infected wound, or an embittered heart. As they stared deeply into your eyes, you knew they could see all, without judgement, and so there was no point holding back. Like a poultice on a wound, their presence could draw out the toxins of your soul and allow healing to fill the space. This Full Moon will draw the deep and hidden to the surface, and while intense and uncomfortable it’s to allow exactly that – healing!

Here’s a little exercise to try – find a comfortable place, with a journal open beside you, then close your eyes and take some deep breathes, and imagine yourself in a calm and serene place in nature. Picture yourself with such a person, and look deeply into their eyes then just notice what rises to the surface. Don’t judge or evaluate, just notice with a forensic mindset. Take your time, and once you feel empty, open your eyes and start writing, just let that stream of consciousness pour onto the page.

Hopefully some Uranus insight will drop in gems, and you can see those Saturnian fears for what they are – just products of the path behind you, the only path you do not need to take.

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