Scorpio Lunar eclipse

25 Scorpio – Monday 16 May 2.14pm Brisbane, 5.14am London, 00.14am Eastern, and Sunday 15 May 9.14pm Pacific.

Monday’s Lunar eclipse is a total contrast to the gentle Solar eclipse at the start of this cycle. The South Node acts like a drain and when in Scorpio’s watery detoxifying realm it becomes a sucking hole, tugging at us for its food. When wielded well, this can be like a dredge, actively digging out to make a clearer path forwards and helping transform.

An analogy for Scorpio’ emotional world I use regularly is wetlands, those places of haunting beauty and vital ecological cleansing. When healthy, with good flow and drainage, they are places teeming with life, where much goes on under the surface. They not only cleanse and recycle for the whole ecosystem but offer a place for both birth and death. However, the fixed nature of Scorpio loves to hold on, and if the filter becomes clogged, then stagnation occurs. Here the wetlands lose flow and become a contaminated, stinking sink and contaminates the whole system. After the recent Pisces flooding through us all, this Scorpio eclipse now asks you to face what is stagnant in your life, loosen your grip and cast it adrift. Or perhaps sever is a better word when working with this Mar’s ruled sign.

Mind and emotions

The waters of Scorpio are strongly linked to our deep subconscious mind, that speaks to us in powerful emotional messaging. With Algol in the mix in this eclipse, powerful raw emotions are likely to tugging at you. When left to stagnate under the surface, these emotions can trigger reactionary thoughts and behaviour that we wouldn’t consciously choose. Stuck in this subconscious hamster wheel, the past has you in it’s hold, making you see all manner of beasties and monsters where they may not be. Shame or guilt can become regular bedfellows, tainting this cycle even more.

Yet when we actively bring them into conscious focus, space is created for choice. Used well, Scorpio can filter emotional reactions, allowing the old to pass on through and new conscious pathways to form. Emotions are E – motion; energy in motion, and work best when in good flow. Simple tools to bringing the subconscious into the conscious include:

– using mindsight, such as meditation or mindful awareness

– automatic writing or journaling

– stopping long enough to feel emotions as bodily sensations

– seeking a trusted confidante, like a therapist or friend


This eclipse can impact your physical health too. Scorpio rules the excretory systems in the body (bowels, bladder, nose and sweat glands) and if any of those are blocked, toxicity builds up. This eclipse is an excellent time for a cleanse to give these systems a break as they will be working at full capacity. Suggestions for the day include:

– drinking lots of water

– broth or juice fast

– cutting out alcohol, sugar and processed food

– sauna or skin scrub


Our spiritual bodies can do with some tending at this time as well, as Ketu invites detachment from the earthly realm. Perhaps see where you feel stagnant in your spiritual rituals, what could so with a dusting off and bringing in, or simply releasing to try something new. Ask yourself “Is connection to the unseen flowing as it should? What outdated beliefs about myself and my higher power may be blocking my way?”

General eclipse suggestions

– no usual Full Moon rituals

– clean the house, physically and energetically,

– have a salt bath or ocean dip

– a ritual to Ketu, the South Node God

If you’d like a deeper understanding of how this eclipse may affect you personally, you can purchase my webinar on this Taurus/Scorpio Eclipse series here

2 thoughts on “Scorpio Lunar eclipse”

  1. Thank you, Alicia, for your updates/reminders. I find your insights wonderfully supportive and encouraging. I also find I am drawn to your suggestions of a juice fast, cleaning the house and a salt bath. (I’d love to take a dip in the ocean, but it’s the Pacific off the coast of Northern California…and I don’t have the constitution of a Polar Bear 🙂 Many Thanks and Blessings,

    1. You’re welcome! And yes, can imagine ocean dipping may be more appealing in my subtropical locale x

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