Scorpio New Moon 2021

Brisbane – 5 November, 7.15am

London – 4 November, 9.15pm

New York – 4 November, 5.15pm

Los Angeles – 4 November, 2.15pm

Years ago, I climbed Mt Etna in Sicily with a fellow Scorpio friend. As we stood on this active volcano, hopping like kangaroos to avoid the heat penetrating our shoes, the sense of awe was palpable. Places like this remind me of the power of the planet and just how small and insignificant I truly am. Technically we were in the safe zone, and yet we were also aware a vent could open in the side of this majestic wonder any moment and spew forth a stream of burning magma. The stench of sulfur, rugged black terrain, the hot ground that trembled from time to time; it was true Mars territory where we felt that fine line between life and death.

This isn’t the most comfortable New Moon. In general, the Moon finds it hard to feel secure in a volcanic environment, and the coming eclipse series in Taurus/Scorpio is felt as well. Uranus adds its unpredictability and it may feel like climbing that proverbial volcano waiting for it to crack open. Yet you feel compelled to keep climbing, knowing it’s finding ease in discomfort that allows you to be your strongest self. With the internal focus on Scorpio season, you may find yourself in awkward or triggering situations. The question you need to ask yourself isn’t “how can I change the situation”, but “how can I change myself so I’m less reactive or triggered?”.

Perhaps it’s Uranus in Taurus’ reminder that staying in the present moment is the rebellious way to live right now, and the antidote we may seek to Scorpio’s over-analysis or control. Or it could mean taking Mars’ sharp edge to slice yourself free of a situation. It’s the courage to make the change that is needed and use the perceptiveness of this sign to point you in the direction right for you. Change is rarely the worst thing that happens to us. If you’re holding tight-fisted onto something and it’s changing nonetheless, it may be time to loosen your grip. If you’re wrestling to gain control of something and it defies every attempt you make, perhaps control isn’t the right play, perhaps approaching the situation with the courage of vulnerability is what is needed.

The detoxifying nature of this New Moon also encourages us to let that volcano crack open, and release the pent-up tension, frustration, and anger. You don’t have to keep forcing the lid down on that stuff, as it will fill you with a toxic load and make you sick. Find useful ways to express or helpful ways to vent that then lead to the conscious change you choose, instead of letting the Universe deliver something at random that forces that change.

If you’d like more tips or ideas on working with this New Moon, my New Moon Magic workshops is now available to download here.

6 thoughts on “Scorpio New Moon 2021”

  1. Beautiful insights. My Sun & Mercury are in Scorpio in the 9th. Been feeling this new moon approaching!

  2. Leah McShane

    Thank you Alicia for your new moon in Scorpio post. It has been very helpful. My moon is at 12 Aquarias and certainly have been feeling a lot emotionally this week, could this placement be why?

    1. Oh yes, absolutely, 7-15 degrees of all the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) are feeling the tension at the moment… should ease off from about 20th Nov x

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