Scorpio New Moon

Finding hope in dark times

This New Moon is at 23 Scorpio at these timings:
Brisbane – 15 November, 3.07pm
London – 15 November, 5.07am
New York – 15 November, 12.07am
Los Angeles – 14 November, 9.07pm

As spring’s beauty withers and dies in the stronger spring sun, the flowers teach us that beauty is fleeting yet still significant. If the bloom didn’t brown and fall to the earth, the seeds of their future possibilities wouldn’t be released into the soil.

Considering its Scorpio season, it’s no coincidence that I have spent the last few weekends in a spiritual process around death, rebirth and reincarnation possibilities. Delving into the immense power of this space I have learnt that not everything is reborn. The Universe is exacting in its standards, not as punishment but for practical reality. Why would it allow inhumanity to continue? It’s tainting and wasteful, when so much energy has been put into creating the better abilities of the human.

This Scorpio New Moon reminds us that some seeds deserve to be upheld, to be given life after death, it’s just knowing which ones to breathe life into. Remember, not everything that is beautiful is good for us; wolfsbane and oleander contain powerful poisons and must be handled with care. Not all that considered weed is bad either; dandelion, plantain, chickweed all hold healing properties.

With Scorpio’s energy, the answer lies deep within, and requires listening to your intuition. This New Moon is ruled by Mars, which is still hanging fairly still in the sky. I’ve been saying this since August when it last slowed down “go slow to go fast” – pausing and thinking deeply holds the key to moving forwards.

This New Moon burst is also linked to today’s Jupiter-Pluto conjunction, upping the intensity and purgative quality of the energy around. It’s the last of this transit, we’re done with Pluto for the rest of the year, and we can almost taste the hope of the epoch change to come. We’re still emerging from the powerful depths of 2020, it’s taking time for our eyes to adjust to the light and see just what is ahead. Perhaps reflecting on what has strengthen you this year, how challenges have taught you and fears have proven to be false friends.

Look to the house Scorpio rules to see what area of your life this Moon may highlight. Some intention ideas include:

– looking at power balances in your life and see where more work can be done

– own up to your own control issues, and work towards gentle self-control

– being willing to walk in the shadow side of life, to feel the feelings, whatever comes up

– recognise drama, see it for the avoidance tactic that it is and look underneath to see what is really at play

If you’d like to know more about working with this New Moon, join my New Moon Magic gathering with a live Q&A this Friday 12th November at 9am Brisbane.

4 thoughts on “Scorpio New Moon”

  1. Tracy Schneider

    My 1st house (rising sign) is Scorpio…I assume I am working on myself which is what I have been doing for a while. However, now I am doing some of the more difficult work I talked about doing but never had the courage or stamina to do.

    Is that on point, Alicia?

      1. I always look forward to reading your wisdoms on the journey with the moon but particularly looked forward to this one, in Scorpio. I’m greatful so thank you. This new moon I’m looking forward to the new year and new age ahead and the guidance is very valuable.

    1. Totally Tracy! And you may find with all the deep 12th house work of the recent Libra transits are allowing you to step out in a more clear and honest way too xx

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