Scorpio Season 2020

The Sun slips into the deep waters of Scorpio tomorrow, bringing cooling relief from the volatile minefield of the Cardinal signs right now. Here in Australia it marks the mid-point of Spring, as warmer days are now entrenched as we prepare for the Summer to come.

I remember summer days at packed beaches as a child, the sensory assault of burning sand, coconut oil and the hubbub of fellow beachgoers. Out beyond the waves lay reprieve, floating on my back as the waves rolled underneath while the water drowned out the sound. For some, this silent territory of Scorpio brings instant relief, like cool sand to burning feet. For others, they may like an injured athlete in an icebath – uncomfortable terrain that can be endured for the healing it brings.

Yes, Scorpio is deep and intense and brings our gaze to the darker corners of life. It’s no surprise that Halloween, Samhain, and Day of the Dead all occur as the Sun shines a light in this space. Loss and grief have been writ large in 2020, and the month ahead offers space to gently greet those emotions hovering beneath the surface. Scorpio always reminds me of an ocean current, welling up from undiscovered depths, loaded with nutrients to support life above. Nemo’s picturesque coral gardens can’t exist without the decay on the ocean floor to feed it. And such is life for us all. The antidote to Scorpio always lies in Taurus, so if you feel like you’re being pulled under by the beasties of the deep, placing bare feet on raw earth or your spine against a tree can pull you back to shore.

Intuitive and sensitive, Scorpio invites us to lift up the proverbial rug, to get underneath to find understanding. With Scorpio’s ruler, Mars, retrograde right now, the navel-gazing nature of this sign is turned up high so make sure you don’t follow that rabbit too far into its burrow, this distorts the vision and turns molehills into mountains. Instead, use the bloodhound ability of this sign to seek out truth, no matter how many layers of dross and fabrications it lies beneath.

Other tips for harnessing Scorpio are:

  • Think like a sea bird, dive down to get what you need and then bring it up to process in the light of day to stay grounded in truth.
  • Use your body to tap into your emotions, feeling them as physical sensations in your body in the present moment, using the Scorpio forensic lens to watch but not get personal about it or try to change it. This will be especially useful under the coming Taurus Full Moon on Oct 31/Nov 1.
  • Keep an eye out for manipulation and power/control issues and deal with them from the present moment, or where you want things to be in the future. Bringing up the past just keeps you stuck there.

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