Scorpio Season 2021 and the last Saturn-Uranus square for 2021

Sun into Scorpio – 23 October to 22 November 2021

Ahhhh Scorpio Season – that time of year when we are reminded of deeper forces at play. From storm season in our Southern lands to the falling leaves of the North, it is a time when one cycle ends so another can begin.

Transformation. Metamorphosis. Death towards rebirth. These roll off the tongue so easily, but if you’ve ever been in a room with death or birth you know how brutal yet sacred those experiences are. Where the material meets the immaterial, yet not softly like Pisces or inspired such as Sagittarius. In Scorpio, peeling back the veil requires a painful price of embracing grief and loss while knowing it leaves space for the new. No wonder it’s when the ancient rituals embracing the darker side of life are held – Samhain, All Hallows Eve, and Dios de la Muerte.

The night sign of Mars, here the warrior hunts in the dark. Like the covert ninja or espionage agent, relying on deception and secrets to undertake their mission. Under-the-table deals, secret agreements, hidden agendas all play out under Scorpio’s energy. It’s an excellent time of the year to engage in detection and perception, to read between the lines and see what’s truly lurking beneath the shiny Libra surface.

Scorpios are singular people, the shamans of the past, who know the shadow of the underworld and embrace that same darker side in others, though often judge it harshly in themselves. They dance on survival’s edge, seeking painful experiences to remind them they are alive and also to show others where those borders lie. Loyal to a fault, they’ll go to the ends of the earth for those they love but you’ll meet their stingers if you prove disloyal yourself.

I’m sure you’re getting a sense of the intensity of this sign by now, and yet this Scorpio Season will be more intense than usual. There is one last tense standoff for the year between Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus on December 24, and the intensity of Scorpio promises to dig deep for drama. As the Sun has traveled through the fixed signs this year, we’ve seen various triggers to this suppression versus freedom stalemate. On a macro level, as the Sun approached Saturn in Aquarius we started the year hopeful for the whole of humanity, with vaccines promising light at the end of the COVID tunnel and various ethical and moral victories seem promising for what’s to come. Yet as Taurus Season rolled around and developing nations struggled desperately with COVID outbreaks, richer countries shut their borders and held their own resources and possessions closely to their chests. Leo Season brought loud roaring about authenticity and individual freedoms feeling crushed under Saturn’s confinement.

And now we enter Scorpio season, and its detoxification process will see things crawling up from the deep. Hidden power games may erupt into the open and purging of the corrupt so humanity can meet the future well. First the Sun, then Mars, then Mercury will traverse the closing gap of the giant heavyweights over the coming month. Remember, the tests you face with Saturn are not trying to break you, but instead teach resilience to a world softened by unprecedented privilege and luxury. That privilege has come at a cost, and the fee is now due. Humanity continues to face crises (environmental, racial, gender, social), and yet our leaders play fiddle like they’re on the deck of the Titanic, perhaps hindered by hidden agendas and clandestine deals.

Scorpio is best in a crisis, and with Mars soon to be in its own power in Scorpio in an overcoming square to Saturn in Aquarius, I believe the buried is coming to the surface, in one way or another. To quote Dr. Sharon from Ted Lasso – “The truth will set you free, but first, it will piss you off”. Be prepared for tension and fireworks ahead, just keep authenticity and freedom as your end goal. Or act like a Scorpio and deliberately stay on the sidelines to watch the drama unfold (often incited by them, popcorn optional).

On a micro level, it’s time to seek out what is hidden and use the penetrative nature of this sign to seek what truly holds you back. Have you made deals with others that no longer serve you? Or do you sabotage yourself? Are you distracting yourself from grief at the existential crises we face? Really get your hands dirty, grasp anything toxic, decayed, or warped in your sphere and haul it away. Just before it leaves Scorpio, the Sun is entangled in a South Node eclipse under the Taurus Full Moon on 19 November – this will assist the purging process significantly, whether you like it or not. If something leaves your hands then, it was likely not meant to stay, so instead, look to what you’ve honed over your lifetime as the tools to trust.

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