Scorpio Season 2023

This eclipse season has been heartbreaking, both on a personal and global scale. Now Scorpio Season is pulling back the proverbial rug to reveal the toxic power plays and divisive control mechanisms that have been at play for so long. With Mercury, Mars and the Sun all swimming the intense depths of Scorpio right now, I’m sure you’re feeling those tugs to look beneath the surface and face hidden agendas or unconscious sabotage. We all have the ability to see in a clear and heightened way.

With the sun’s shift into Scorpio, Mars comes into the spotlight now. Currently in a supercharged state in Scorpio and ruling the North Node, Mars topics are hard to miss. Wars and genocide. Sexual abuse and murders. Coverups and corruption.

Mars is a challenging energy to hold. It’s wonderful to protect with, to assert ourselves and to go after what we want. Anger is a normal and necessary emotion, a protective signal to tell you “something is wrong here”. But when we harness Mars’ horse to our chariot, it can take in directions we don’t initially intend. To hate. To rage. To vengance. To dehumanize.

I know it feels counterintuitive to sit by when human suffering is in our face. We feel powerless and it breeds frustration. Yet adding to this conflict through heated games of blame tennis on social media does nothing. 

I keep coming back to these wise words of my Palestinian husband “Be careful what you become food for”. Or, as Gazan doctor and peace activist Dr Izzeldin Abuelaish recently said “The only real revenge for murder is achieving peace.”

Mars in Scorpio is tenacious, driven, and determined, lending intense power in whatever direction you choose to point it in. It will go deep, and deal with all matters of mess and muck. So point it towards the future the want, not the pain of the past we are coming from. It can also help us cut away from outdated ties that no longer align.

The solution never lies with the problem. So use Mars in Scorpio to get strategic on solutions and push with all your might in that direction.

I’ve had questions on how to help right now, and I’m still waiting, like so many are. There are many ways to donate, and you can amplify voices of humanity, of care, of reason. Back calls for a ceasefire so no more lives are lost in this pointless exercise of revenge. Lean into Mercury in Scorpio and learn deeply about this age-old conflict. Find ways to spread peace, and avoid online conflicts. And I’ll be running another fundraiser once I have more clarity on a way to support Gaza, so please watch this space. 

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