South Node in Capricorn: the art of detachment and letting go.

The South Node is seeing a number of triggers this week, so it seems timely to open up just what the South Node is about, and why letting go and detachment is the theme for 2019. In our Western culture of consumerism and “grab-all-you-can”, there is much to be learned from the principle of detachment at the core of Buddhism and many other Eastern religions. The idea is to let go of the desire for things, people or concepts of the world to gain a clearer or higher perspective. As the South Node travels through Capricorn, it is draining away old structures, cleaning out meaningless traditions, and breaking down power hierarchies that are no longer useful.

What are the Nodes?

The Nodes are points in the sky linked to the orbit of the Moon around the Earth and the Earth around the Sun, used to determine when an eclipse will happen. There are two nodes, North and South, also known as the Dragons Head and Tail, or Rahu and Ketu in Vedic astrology. The South Node, in particular, is currently emphasised

So what is the South Node all about, and why does it relate to detachment? It signifies a release point, a place of purging and letting go. It has a spiritual feature in that it separates us from the material world and brings into focus true meaning, of life, of love, of abundance. Yet it isn’t always comfortable… and this is where detachment comes in. In Capricorn, it’s assessing the whole reality structure of our life, what anchors and ground us and what just holds us back. And then it will apply a vacuum, or a sledgehammer, to test just how genuine it all is.

Add in that it’s travelling through Capricorn with Pluto and Saturn and you can bet consolidation and simplification are themes over coming months, both personally and globally. Last week the South Node met up with Pluto and, at the end of this month, it joins Saturn to spend six months travelling together through the sky. This is a rare event to have all three together at once, and for Saturn and the North Node to spend so much time within just a few degrees of each other.

The South Node is a drainage point that we can have trouble plugging, so it’s best to give it what isn’t necessary rather than let it take away your valuables. Imagine you’re in a giant bathtub, surrounded by the precious parts of your life. It could be family and friends, it could be your material possessions, perhaps your career, a sport you love or a favourite creative outlet. Now pull that plug and, as suddenly you realise some of it will go down that South Node drain. Now, with crystal clarity, you see just what is most important, what you must hold onto, and what can be released. Not that it’s easy to say goodbye to the rest, but when the choice is made your priorities are clear.

Enter the heavyweights of Pluto and Saturn

With Pluto and Saturn in the mix, this becomes even more transformative. Pluto is the God of the Underworld, he rules the depths, the unconscious, those parts that drive us without us even realising, those moments when we clap our hands to our mouths and think “where did those words come from?” When this is held over the drain, you may be thinking “yes, vacuum that sh*t away, purge the hell out of those demons” but these creatures of the deep are elusive, hard to grasp and super sticky – they don’t want to go. It requires a conscious process, working to purge, putting our hands into the drain to push them out.

Then there is Saturn, who rules structures, boundaries and discipline. In his home sign of Capricorn, these themes are emphasised even more, bringing up resilience, authority and tradition. With Saturn close to the south node, you get a chance to examine those structures and traditional ideas of authority unconsciously picked up in childhood. How do they still shape your view of reality now? Are you holding yourself back in your career due to childhood fears? Did your family dynamics set up an attachment style that unconsciously drives how you approach love? How could old friendship wounds be affecting how you treat your friends now? The simple act of focusing here, and being present to what comes up will help soften Saturn’s demanding energy. Facing this test, and being disciplined with it, consciously channels it into something helpful.

It’s not a rainbow filled valley ahead, but this challenge can build strength and resilience when there is the willingness to face fears head-on. Saturn loves a trial, and the South Node just wants its food. So why not give it what no longer works for you! Clear out those inner lives and hidden areas, and throw all that heavy, unwanted junk into the gaping maw of the South Node in Capricorn.

Tips for working with the South Node:

  • practising detachment with your material possessions, such as following Marie Kondo’s methods or other minimalism practices
  • looking at your attachment patterns can help you be more conscious of just what is at play – taking a quiz like this from a reputable source offers a detached view on yourself and how you are in relationships. From there you can consciously create change.
  • seeing a good therapist will help uncover and sift through hidden issues that may be holding you back
  • honouring ancestors by talking respectfully of them, in songs such as this beautiful one from June Rose Astrology and through rituals like this one suggested by Sphere and Sundry

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