Taurus Full Moon

8 Taurus | 31 October at 7.49am Pacific, 10.49am Eastern, 2.49pm London, 1 November 00.49am Brisbane

A Full Moon on Halloween in a year you can’t enjoy it… another trick 2020 is playing on us! Happening right on Uranus, this is another ritual hopefully breaking free from its current consumerism constraints. What are the deeper meanings of Halloween? Samhain? Day of the Dead? We have forgotten the true place death and the dead play in our everyday life, and perhaps this year, when death dances at our doors, we’re reminded its time to break apart the shallower, modern “traditions” to remember this part of life that faces all of us, at one time or another.

This Full Moon highlights the seeming opposition between Taurus and Scorpio. You couldn’t have more opposite creatures than the Bull and the Scorpion. The Bull grazes calmly during the day, confident in its physical strength and power to protect itself if harm should come its way. The Scorpion is a creature of shadows focused on survival in the harshest of conditions, hiding under rocks during the day so it can stalk it’s prey at night; sting and pincers at the ready. What can the calm, steady serenity of Taurus have in common with the intense, excavating drive of Scorpio?


As Taurus builds and holds form on one hand, Scorpio is transforming and releasing form on the other. You need both. A body with only a mouth would explode with pressure, and with only an anus it would waste away. And just as a baby builds its form into an adult body, so too will that same body wither in old age and die. These two signs bring balance between form, and you can use this Full Moon to explore what that balance looks like for you. How much do you need to feel secure and resourced, versus being trapped and held back by your possessions? As you lie on your death bed, what will you truly have valued and be grateful for?

Our society is addicted to building and accumulating form; youth, physical beauty, wealth, and material possession. These used to be indicators of success and goals achieved, though this Full Moon illuminates the huge cracks the wrecking ball of 2019-20 has created. Ramit Sethi often advises to look at what a rich life is for you and then aim for that, and that’s the perfect question for this Full Moon. Taurus craves simple pleasures. Perhaps it’s time with loved ones, laughing over shared meals. Or soaking up the pleasure of time playing together. Or maybe planting a garden full of vegetables so you feel secure and resourced. Or carving out time for yourself to get into your body and build endorphin flow.

And here is where the antidote of Scorpio is needed, the fires of purification to rid of excessive and wasteful habits. A life built in the material only will ebb away when life leaves the body, but a life built in the fullness of physical, emotional and spiritual offers continuance beyond this one. Ask yourself, where have you placed your cosmic bets? Are all your eggs in your physical basket?

This Full Moon happens right on Uranus, making separation easy when you see the joys a new, genuine future can offer. Uranus in Taurus has been rumbling away in an area of your life since early 2018, delivering a series of unexpected events, insights and changes to a specific area of your life. As we’ve stretched and stretched this year, this Full Moon will highlight the friction points which could be explosive. Like a shoe causing a blister, looking at where the rub happens will show you where change is required. Can the shoe be stretched? Padding added? Parts replaced? Or do you just need new shoes?

There’s a likelihood of emotional explosiveness or nervous anxiety as we face what a new world order can bring. However one redeeming feature of this Full Moon is the rulership from Venus in Libra, urging us not burn our bridges and encouraging us to break free with grace. You may seek to cooperate in a new way, or look for new balance in your partnership. Or perhaps you’re tossing the relationship basket in the air completely and seeing where it all lands.

I’ll close with a mantra to guide you for the area of life this Full Moon is highlighting, choose for your rising sign if you know it then dwell or meditate on it during the Full Moon period.

Aries – “Breaking free of outdated beliefs allows an abundance I truly deserve”

Taurus – “Here I am, genuine in all my beauty and splendour, Universe created”

Gemini – “The only one holding me back is myself, and I now remove me out of my own way”

Cancer – “The cost of true belonging is not my sense of self”

Leo – “I am in full control of my own success, and answer only to my own standards”

Virgo – “As above, so below; when I listen within I connect to all that is”

Libra – “Deep within is an inner knowing that there is more to life – I will trust that above all”

Scorpio – “Connection requires vulnerability, and it’s worth every moment of discomfort when we are truly seen”.

Sagittarius – “Always putting my needs last isn’t a life of service but a life of self-imprisonment”

Capricorn – “Pleasure is my birth right, and guilt has no place at it’s table”

Aquarius – “The home within me never changes, and through it, I connect to my beginning and my end”

Pisces – “When the familiar is unrecognisable, I find home in the unfamiliar”

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