Taurus New Moon 2021

21 Taurus on 12 May at 4.59am in Brisbane, and 11 May at 7.59pm in London, 2.59pm Eastern and 11.59am Pacific

With the mists of Neptune whirling around this Taurus New Moon, the energy reminds me of a dawn walk on a misty country morning. Soft light is just breaking through the gentle blanket of mist and the landscape takes on a dreamlike quality. With the sense of sight hampered, the others awaken; the dampness envelops your skin, bird calls seem magical and the smell of moist earth speaks to your soul. You feel like a creature utterly alone and adrift in an endless landscape yet comforted in the fog’s embrace. The whiteness becomes a blank canvas that allows the imagination to wander free, and suddenly trees become magical creatures and it seems possible to stumble upon sprites and nymphs beside the meandering creek. The intangible is enfolded in the tangible, and deep stillness reminds us of the magnificence of this earth we wander upon.

The Moon is oh-so-comfortable in Taurus’ lush lands, as the peaceful, earthy ground is fertile for the nourishment and nurturing the Moon craves. Seeds dropped here can flourish and grow. It also stabilises the emotional ebb and flow, providing rich ground for peace and connection. The serenity of the Taurus landscape beckons with this New Moon, encouraging us to make the most of peaceful times and quietly come back to ourselves.

In that still inner core, you know yourself strongly, it’s an unshakeable location. The steadiness of Taurus acts as an anchor to our true sense of self, as long as we stay still enough to listen. Whichever part of your life Taurus rules is under focus this year, as Saturn pressures Uranus to get real on the changes it is agitating for. Eclipses too will soon flash through this area from November, bringing more unpredictability and turmoil to a place whose constancy you can normally rely on. The key to dealing with the unknown you’re facing is anchoring deep within, to those indelible parts of your spirit that will only be polished and enhanced by the friction of 2021. This New Moon offers a chance to quietly build your connection to this core, so you can stand calmly in the deep inner knowing of who you are and what you stand for. Then the winds of the air era may buffet around you, whipping free the warp and grime, allowing the diamond beneath to shine free.

Here are some themes for intentions setting under this New Moon, or join my Circle of Selene membership or New Moon Magic workshop for a deeper treatment:

– living in the present moment

– practicing gratitude for your body

– knowing your self-worth

– use your imagination to create earthy beauty

– healing your throat, thyroid, neck and shoulders

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