Taurus Solar Eclipse

10deg Taurus

Sunday 1 May 6.28am Brisbane, Saturday 30 April 9.28pm London, 4.28pm Eastern & 1.28pm Pacific.

We’re heading for the first eclipses of the year, and with the Moon’s nodes now in Taurus and Scorpio since January, their potent energy has a different flavour. While we had a teaser of this energy on the Taurus Full Moon eclipse back in November, the coming Taurus Solar eclipse brings the spotlight of the Sun onto our material needs and future desires.

Usually, eclipses are events to be wary of, as the powerful tides of the nodes cause ripples of disruption. However, the flow-in effect of the North Node works well in Taurus, and the ruler of this eclipse, Venus, who couldn’t be in better condition. Exalted in Pisces, and closing in on a benefic conjunction with Jupiter, it brings compassion, forgiveness, and etheric beauty to the energy of this transit. It’s like moving into a lovely new house in a new neighbourhood and being greeted with kindness and homemade cookies. You’re still topsy-turvy, surrounded by packing boxes and nothing is where it should be, but the dreams of this future look rosy and the neighbours seem really nice… for now anyway!

As always with eclipses, it’s not great for manifesting work, so don’t plan any New Moon intention settings under this. It’s close enough to Uranus for that cattle prod effect and that voltage will be set to high, so definitely expect the unexpected. To work with the Taurus energy, try:

– slowing down; try yoga, meditation or quiet contemplation

– heading somewhere different in nature

– refresh your style or beauty routine

– exciting, sensually pleasurable experience

– decluttering and simplifying

Look to your chart to see the house ruled by Taurus, this is where you’re already feeling the North Node energy pumping in and this eclipse will bring that front and centre. Being a North Node eclipse, there is a tendency towards gain so watch any shopping sprees or overindulgences.

Other general eclipse suggestions include:

– clean the house, physically and energetically,

– have a salt bath or ocean dip

– a ritual to Durga who is the Goddess slayer of the malefic Rahu (North Node)

As we continue through eclipse season, be prepared for a sense of telescoping perceptions and timelessness until the Scorpio Lunar Eclipse brings the season to a close on May 16. If you’d like a deeper understanding, you can purchase my webinar on this Taurus/Scorpio Eclipse series here.

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