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04/23/2019by Alicia0

After a weekend of personal purging thanks to that Full Moon in Aries, I am back on deck and ready to talk with you about Venus’s recent foray into Aries. It’s like walking from the ocean into the flames as she moves from cold, wet Pisces into hot and dry Aries and Venus isn’t so happy in Mars’ sign. Here she is like a Queen on a battlefield, used to the elegance and refinement of her palace, not the smoke, mud and cursing she’s now surrounded with. Yet, if it’s for her people she’ll take up her battle gear to fight the worthy fight, stepping into her role as Warrior Queen, inspiring her troops as she joins them in battle. And that’s the thing about Venus, give her a worthy purpose, and she’ll draw on boldness and courage to struggle towards it. Her sword can be used to offer protection or to cause harm, depending on which side you fall.

I watched Brene Brown’s new Netflix special yesterday, and what struck me was how Venus in Aries her message on courage and vulnerability is. In one part, Brene tells the story of talking to a group of special forces troops. She asks them if they know of a single instance of courage that didn’t require uncertainty, risk and emotional exposure – the definition of vulnerability. And after a time of silence, one man stood up and said “Three tours ma’am. There is no courage without vulnerability.” This is Venus in Aries all over. Being willing to put yourself out there, to boldly put yourself forward despite the fear of criticism and failure, to take that one brave risk that offers a chance for change, for connection. Courage isn’t just for battle – it is saying “I love you” for the first time, having a tough conversation with colleagues, and being willing to stand your own ground on an important issue. These can happen anywhere, at any time, and can be life-changing moments.

Venus also rules values, our moral codes and standards. In Aries, she values courage and action, her standards are honesty and truth. In Tolstoy’s famous “War and Peace” he wrote “If everyone fought for their own convictions there would be no war.” You only have to look to Eckhart Tolle, Abraham Lincoln and Bob Marley to see a group who stood strongly for a particular value system and fought in their own brave yet Venusian way for what they believed in. Female celebrities with Venus in Aries include Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Lady Gaga. They each use their beauty in unusual ways and often fight for what they believed in. Audrey Hepburn and her work as a UNICEF Ambassador. Marilyn Monroe fighting against female stereotypes. Lady Gaga standing against cultural stereotypes.

Now Taurus Season has started, it’s ruler Venus is highlighted even more. So with Venus in Aries until 15 May she is now asking each of us what convictions we have and if we willing to fight for them? What line will you draw in the sand, for yourself and those you love? Where is vulnerability needed, and what courage can you draw on to offer it?

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