Venus in Cancer 2020

Venus is the final planet to travel through Cancer this year and like a mother arriving to sweeping up the fragments of a broken toy/game/heart, she’s here to offer tender consolation and heart-felt empathy to those sensitive parts that have been through the wringer over the past few years. Finally away from her drawn-out sojourn through Gemini since early April, her cool, calming energy will be doubled in this water sign. Considering all the heat and dryness in the sky right now, with the pile-up in fire and earth signs, her water will be a healing balm for us all.

Cancer is geared for the simple comforts of homecooked meals, soft couches and conversations from the heart – but only with those they trust. This Venus is a sensitive hostess, so break out the cookbooks full of comfort foods and invite a small group (because it’s COVID) of loved ones around. Venus wants to bind and in Cancer, it’s family and clan she wishes to bring together. Whether it’s family by blood or choice, special times connecting with your nearest and dearest will be important in coming weeks. If COVID is keeping you physically apart, find ways to bridge that gap, perhaps share a meal over FaceTime or hold your family reunion over Zoom.

Being connected to your roots and your land is part of this too, wanting to connect to wherever you feel you belong. Venus in Cancer is strong in the chart of Dorethea MacKellar, our famous Australian poet who wrote so fondly of her love for the country she was born in. It’s also strong in Donald Trump’s chart, who wants to make his country “great again”. This reminds us that this Venus can bind by inclusion, but she’s also good at keeping others out. So remain aware when she draws the line of just who she could be harming through exclusion.

Cancer is a resilient sign that needs to remember the gift of giving is also in the receiving. The secret to using her best is to let the water out. Feel those feelings and express the emotions, knowing there are better out than in.  Venus is in Cancer for four weeks (until 6 September) and enjoy the early part while it lasts, before she entangles with the tension of the Mars-Saturn square at the end of this month.

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