Venus in Libra – the gentle art of conversation

Oh yes, our lovely lady is back in her home sign tomorrow and with both the benefic planets in their own sign for the next three weeks, the sweetness of Venus and the jubilance of Jupiter is there for us all to enjoy. Venus is connected to beauty and pleasure, and in airy Libra she values beauty of the mind and aesthetic pleasure. Like the elegant Grace Kelly who had this placement, there is a cool, calm collected vibe to Venus in Libra. Never rough or pushy, she calmly waits for what she desires to be drawn in by her magnetic charms.

Venus is Libra is well versed in the art of conversation, and she enjoys a meeting of the minds especially as she is joined with Mercury in their fair sign. She will turn her questions to others, rather than talk about herself, which can be a refreshing change in today’s world. It always reminds me of the glittering Parisian salons of the Golden Age, often hosted by affluent women, where people of all walks of life would find pleasure gathering together to share beautiful philosophical ideas, listen to poetry and refine their tastes through education. Many women will know the healing power of a great hairdresser, where it’s as much about conversation as hair.

Libra is also about cooperation, and taking the rights of all into account, perhaps even standing opposite their own ideas to ensure all voices are heard. Libra stands for all things equal, fair and unbiased, she is the sign of justice after all! Again I refer to France here, which is a Libran country, with their motto “Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite” meaning “Freedom, Equality and Unity”. Put these into the hands of fair Venus, and she will weave her gentle magic and social charms to encourage others to listen and work together. The active peacemaker, the diplomat, the negotiator, with peace and union her highest goal. Even the glyph of Libra looks like a bridge, as it can find a way over seemingly huge divides.

Venus is in Libra from 14 September until 9 October 2019, so make the most of her Universal peacemaking skills during that time to heal any rifts or build bridges that may have been burnt in previous months. Or perhaps refine your cooperation skills and look for opportunities to collaborate with others. But do make sure you come from a higher place, because Libra can seem false or insincere if it’s all charm and no ethics –we can learn from Bill Clinton’s lessons, who has this placement quite strongly in his chart!

Some ideas for making the most of this time?

  • Venus rituals are back on the menu! Make a date for sunrise for the next three Friday’s (Sept 20 & 27 and 4 Oct) and/or sunset for the next four Mondays (Sept 16, 23 & 30, and Oct 7).
  • Wear something green on Fridays and Monday nights, be a dress, scarf or even just earrings, something that helps you connect more with her healing balm, and give back energy to her as well.
  • Make time in your calendar for sweet social times with loved ones and friends that involves conversation, love and support.
  • Join my Monthly New Moon Gathering for the New Moon in Libra on Saturday 28 September. This will also build up these Libran vibes in a certain area of your life, find out more via this link

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