Venus in Libra

Finally, we have a benefic planet with some strength again, as it’s been thin on the ground all year. Tomorrow Venus’s travels through the harmonious lands of Libra, bringing a strong urge to unify and connect in balanced and fair ways. In a world that grows more polarised by the minute, Venus in Libra shows up with an open mind, willing to look beyond differences in the search for common ground. Equality in 2020 means something very different to what it meant even a year ago, and many of us are bringing. Venus in Libra is a chance to examine our value systems to ensure equality and equanimity are front and centre.

Venus revels in the charm and elegance of Libra as here it can easily able to connect, relate and understand, even the tensest of circumstances. People with Venus in Libra have a natural “je ne sais quois” – a cool, calm collected vibe that naturally drawn people in without . This cardinal air sign excels at diplomatic communication and building bridges, so apply this energy liberally wherever you may need it. If you’ve ever watched a peacemaker broker a ceasefire or a mediator with a divorced couple, you’ll know it’s a special kind of skill to hold the needs of all parties in mind while allowing each the space to be heard.

Venus travels through Libra until 21 November, so we have over 3 weeks of this gentle, calm energy to help manage the tenser energies right now. Yes, this is a Cardinal sign, and from 10 November Venus will need all it’s negotiation skills to handle what Mars, Pluto and Saturn throw its way. From Nov 13 to 16, besiegement between Mars and Pluto holds Venus hostage, entrapped in a snare of heated power play, yet not long after a square to Jupiter can lift and revive flagging spirits and help bring the negotiations to a close, even if it’s not what everyone hoped for. Relationships may be tense at this time, or recent challenges may rear their heads again. It’s a chance to get serious and focus on creating partnerships that are respectful for all involved, and don’t just look pretty from the outside.

If Mars retrograde has you hot under the collar, accessing the cool moisture of Venus calms and dampens the fires, or may even put them out.

Some ideas for making the most of this time:

  • Make time in your calendar for sweet social times with loved ones and friends that involves conversation, love and support.
  • Focus on bringing balance, equality and respect to your partnerships
  • Connect to qualities of understanding and forgiveness by reading books or watching movies with these themes – I love “I Shall Not Hate” by Izzeldin Abuelaish and the movie “Invictus”
  • Venus rituals are back on the menu! Tidy up your altar, buy some fresh flowers and make a date with Venus at sunrise for the next four Friday’s (Oct 30, then Nov 6, 13 amd 20) and/or sunset for the next three Mondays (Nov 2, 9 & 16).
  • Wear something green on Fridays and Monday nights – might be just a scarf or earring, or break out a full emsemble, anything that helps you connect more with her healing balm, and give back energy to her as well. I also love watering my plants on Friday mornings as a nod to the moisture Venus brings.

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