Venus in Pisces

As Venus now draws us into the world of Pisces she draws our attention to the whimsical and imaginative. As a child, I loved reading fairytales, drawn in by the fantastical tales of magic, hope and often love. So this placement often takes me back to that time, hours spent happily reading alone, wrapped in a mystical world of my own invention. Venus has an alluring quality and in Pisces, the image she conjures is a mermaid – the mysterious and magical creatures of the ocean who use their beauty and sweet singing to entice humans to do their whims. While some tales hold caution of not getting carried away, other stories tell of mermaids saving sailors, healing the sick and offering wisdom in magic and herb lore. The logical may fail us when it comes to our relationships at this time, yet our intuition and felt instincts can guide us to what is real and what is fantasy.

Venus signifies moisture and as she is in her exaltation in this sensitive water sign, I am praying that the coming weeks offer solid rain for the burnt and parched regions of Australia. The compassionate heart of Venus in Pisces shelters birds with broken wings, literally and metaphorically, so you may find yourself drawn to helping others more or feeling more empathy and sensitivity than usual. Small magical moments of connection hold special power, when acts of kindness and generosity can ripple out further than we believe.

During the next three weeks, we can find pleasure and charm in Piscean fascinations – water, music, creativity, poetry, magic – and letting go of logic and formalities. Pisces is not one to make plans and often has a reclusive vibe, so social occasions may just come from who you bump into as you drift through your day. It can be tempting to lose ourselves with Pisces and while social lubricants may seem helpful, they can create a false sense of connection that dissolves once they are removed. There is also the spiritual side of Pisces, being Jupiter ruled, so forming attachments to your spiritual practices is a great use of your time, and can be what binds you to a consistent practice in the future.
There is a need to take care during this time. The rose coloured glasses can come on with loved ones, and we fall victim to pleasing others or putting them on pedestals. Venus will sextile Uranus on 15/16 January, bringing in the truth, so do listen to messages on that date. Like the Little Mermaid who placed her trust in the wrong person, we too need to remember that all may not be as it seems when Pisces, especially when Venus meets Neptune on 27/28 January. Elusiveness also comes with Pisces, and we may feel we can’t quite get to what we want, or find some connections seem beyond our grasp. Perhaps this is a clue to spend time on your own, or connect with those who are available.
Positive ways to use Venus in Pisces:
– small acts of kindness,
– taking time out,
– projects that engage creativity and imagination,
– spiritual practices or journeys,
– bring out your Venus altars back out again,
– small indulgances in music, poetry, wine, Netflix
– lots of water – think drinking it, bathing in it, swimming through it!

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  1. Michelle Cav

    Lovely. I have ve us in pisces natal chart and struggle to understand it, this has been helpful to open up new ways of thinking about it.

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