Venus in Sagittarius

*This is an updated article
30 December 2023 to 23 January 2024 

I once went to a destination wedding, where the happy couple tied the knot 20ft under the water. Most of us didn’t attend the ceremony, but the whole union was imbibed with a sense of excitement and adventure – overseas travel, ceremony in a totally foreign environment and the hens night even involved a treasure hunt. Yes, both the bride and groom had Sagittarius heavy charts.

Now risen out of the wetlands of Scorpio, Venus in this fire sign can more easily express love and puts more energy into creating beauty. Optimistic, courageous, and passionate, this Venus connects via adventure and excitement. It’s time to book a romantic getaway to a foreign destination or an outdoor adventure trip with loved ones. 

 Venus in Sagittarius also like to expand their horizons, wandering the earth, their mind or the stars with their partners. Perhaps you’ll be drawn to connections with those who are foreign to you in some way or call you to broaden your mind, especially with philosophical discussions or spiritual teachings. 
If you were born with Venus in Sagittarius, you’ll find people magnetised to your bubbly, hopeful style and your love language is uplift and inspiration. This Venus loves to encourage and teach others by offering a higher view or a brighter perspective on life, and receive the same in return. Perhaps you’re that friend who talks about gratitude or the partner who knows laughter and joy bring hope. You also crave freedom and don’t want to be tied down with the mundanity of commitment and responsibilities. Honouring the freedom of “me-time” is the key to making relationships work long-term.
And if you know someone with Venus in Sagittarius, experience gifts are a perfect idea – anything that involves new horizons or seeing a new perspective.

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