Venus in Scorpio

5 – 30 December 2023

As Venus sashayed from Libra into Scorpio yesterday, she transformed from the charming diplomat to a sultry courtesan, with a knife in her garter. Venus here has subtle power – think of an iron fist gloved in velvet – that won’t back down from what she believes in. Her travels through this Martian landscape lend her boldness and daring, and expect relationships take a turn for the deep and dramatic. A hunger for the real and raw may develop, as you seek more than just the mundane in your connections. Venus in Scorpio is all about digging deep, peeling back the layers, and loving despite the flaws.

Here, Venus see how others can exploit “love” in a game of power and control, and she may play the game to survive but deeply knows that true intimacy won’t be found in such places. Instead, lean into this water sign’s courage to be emotionally vulnerable with others, using Scorpio’s insightfulness to guide on just who to trust with this precious gift. Perhaps this x-ray vision is best paired with Saturn in Pisces’ contained compassion, knowing that everyone is doing their best, but their best doesn’t have to be what you settle for.

Scorpio detoxifies, drawing impurities to the surface to be purged. This area of our charts has seen hardship and loss on both a personal and global stage in recent months, and now Venus brings her coolness and calm here, like a cool, wet cloth on a fevered brow. It won’t take away the fever, but it helps relieve the symptoms and aids the healing process overall. Perhaps you’re feeling helpless or powerless right now, perhaps you’re feeling anger or rage. Know all these emotions are ok to feel, they just indicate something is wrong. It’s the acting on them that creates or extends the hurts. The tonic necessary is to be with these feelings, to sit in the discomfort and pain they bring, recognising the only way past is through. Scorpio’s staying power reminds us we can do hard things, even if the taste is bitter!

Do beware of a tendency to the dramatic; when you feel the need to burn a relationship to the ground, try walking ten steps back from some perspective. After a breath or ten, and a conversation with a trusted friend, if it still feels wrong then torch those bridges! Suspicion and schadenfreude are also shadow sides of Venus in Scorpio, so while there are monsters out there, they may not be lurking around every corner. 

My favourite day for this transit is Venus’ opposition to Jupiter in Taurus on 10 December. A day for pleasure, though not too far as there may be cost to count. Try walking in with both your eyes and your heart wide open, and a willingness to accept the shadow in yourself and others.

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