Venus in Taurus

Thursday afternoon sees Venus moves into her own sign of Taurus and her pleasures become of the flesh, her joys in stirring the senses, and her beauty is of the earthly kind. Think of your five senses and whether they have been a little starved lately. How can you pamper your sense of taste and touch, indulge your nose, treat your ears and eyes? Perhaps fine wines are your choice, or aromatherapy massages. Some love gardening, inhaling the smell of fresh earth, hearing the sounds of nature and the calm that greenery brings to the eyes. Others may love an art gallery trip, or indulge in a ballet performance. However it looks for you, now is the time to bring in some pleasure and indulge in the little luxuries.

Venus is a feminine planet who brings cooling and gentle energy, drawing us like a magnet into pleasure and enjoyment. She has the most moisture of all the planets, which is why she is considered a benefic, as water = life. This moisture creates fertility in the area of your chart that Taurus lies. If you know your chart, look at the house Taurus rules to see where Venus can apply some fertiliser to activities, plans or relationships there.

I recently learnt from Deb Houlding that Venus’ moisture is like collagen, plumping things up and binding them together. Think of collagen in the body, forming the connective tissues in our body that help hold the skeleton in place. Many beauty (Venus) creams today use collagen as a base as it helps it retain its moisture and create plump, dewy skin. Forming solid connections is one of many opportunities with the Venus in Taurus, weaving together a basket of support for yourself and your loved ones.

As a planet we know little about the surface of Venus, shrouded in cloud as she is. There is a mystique and magnetism to Venus that will be amplified in her own sign. Taurus is the fixed sign of the bull, and Venus here can be very firm in what she wants. She knows she deserves the best and won’t settle, Venus in Taurus just draws a line and you will know if you cross it. I’ll always remember that Linda Evangelista quote “We don’t wake up for less than $10,000 a day” – straight out of the mouth of a Venus in Taurus! Try tapping into this energy over coming weeks to think and act on valuing yourself more and saying no to people or situations that don’t value you as you deserve.

Venus is in Taurus until  is also an excellent time for Venus magic rituals, so dust off your mirrors, tidy up your altar and pick your flowers for tomorrow’s Venus planetary hours.

Dates to watch for during this cycle:

7-10 March – Venus meets Uranus in Taurus, and tried to soothe the rough edges or fragmented parts he may have created. Looking for a new way of relating to others, or seeing the silver lining in recent changes can help – it’s always about perspective.

28 March – Venus trine Jupiter in one of the more abundant days of the year, helping to access some of the cautious confidence of Jupiter in Capricorn.

29 March – Pretty soon after the gloss wears off as Venus trines Pluto and encourages us to bring some harmony and balance to our relationships and ensure the power dynamics are equal for all parties.

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