AstroVenus into Aquarius

02/28/2019by Alicia0

March 1 – 27, 2019

Venus slides away from the heaviness of Capricorn on March 1/2, into the lightness and detachment of cool calm Aquarius. Here she is about love that values the space and independence of each, because what attracts the two is the uniqueness of each, not a merging of that two into one thing.

Being an air sign, Venus in Aquarius loves mental connections, those long conversations where you discover the truth of each other and explore each other’s value systems to see if they align. It’s about aligning the mind and the heart, connections that form in the whole of yourself. As people from very different viewpoints or backgrounds come together under this energy, you’ll find agreement isn’t the point, it may be about reconciling differences or agreeing to disagree, but always coming from a place of honesty. That is when we stretch our minds to see the beauty in difference.

Venus here also brings us to our higher principles, and what it is we will not do. Interactions with others may offer insights into the choices you make and how they reflect the morals and standards you live by. Are these unconscious or chosen? The world is crazy right now and it’s easy to slide right down into the mess. Perhaps this month you can reflect on small ways you live your life that can make the world a better place.

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