Virgo Full Moon 2022

27 Virgo – Friday 18 March 5.17pm (Brisbane), 7.17am London, 3.17am Eastern & 12.17am Pacific

This Pisces season has been a huge wave breaking over our heads and washing us through with empathy and compassion. Emotions seem ever present on the surface, deeply stirred by our own in or stories of suffering and hardship flowing in. The coming Virgo Full Moon offers a life raft or safe harbour for a while as we continue to drift in the sensitive currents of these Piscean waters. Or you can think of Virgo as the solid, tangible vessel to hold the ethereal Piscean elixir. Like our body for our spirit, or our hands for creative outlets, or our physical presence as a conduit for healing to flow through. Or perhaps just an exquisite glass from which to enjoy a liquid spirit!

The Sun’s annual soak in Pisces ends this weekend, yet the Pisces part of your chart receives even more attention next month, so either drop a deep Virgo anchor now or makes plans and take on the supplies so you can drift safely for longer.

On a different note, the flow of creativity and imagination is next level, and dreams have offered many insights, so tapping into Virgo by scheduling creative time or writing down dreams can help you make the intangible more tangible. Here are some tips on how you can make the most of Virgo’s grounded, practical and discerning energy to know just how and where to let Pisces waters take you.

Focus on the practical and completable

In overwhelm, it’s taking on small and easily completable practical tasks that are help us feel a sense and satisfaction usefulness. Try taking things one step at a time, focus only a few steps ahead, especially with the swirly head syndrome that Mercury in Pisces brings. You may even find watching problem resolving TV series, like “whodunnit” dramas or science shows like Mythbusters, can help you feel like the world is an easier place to be in.

Looking after your temple

Virgo brings a focus on health and wellbeing, making sure our unseen spirit has a way to interact with the material world. Productive daily routines and physical exercise can be soothing and grounding when our emotions are in turmoil. It doesn’t have to be long, but 20 mins of exercise or 10 mins of meditation a day offer neutral perspective in an inundated state.

Find a tangible cup for your compassion

The news pouring in right now can feel like a tsunami of human suffering, and you may find yourself feeling left helpless in its wake. This Virgo Full Moon can help you find practical avenues of service to those affected by headlines, or to alleviate suffering closer to home. Volunteering at soup kitchens, donating to charities helping refuges or flood victims can help you feel more purposeful. When feeling overwhelmed recently, I found the task of finding and picking up microplastics on a recent beach walk a grounding and cathartic experience.

Get your hands in the dirt or feet on a trail

Nature heals. The earth signs remind us of this. Planting seedlings, buy new plants for your home, or head out on a hike. As you do, slow your pace for a while and notice all the small things, as Virgo’s pleasure exists in the tiny details. Bird calls, insects nesting, light through leaves. Observe the interconnectedness of all this, then breathe deeply, and remember you’re a part of it as well.

4 thoughts on “Virgo Full Moon 2022”

  1. Hi Alicia
    I don’t understand a whole lot about astrology, over the past two years you’ve helped me keep a balance in my many years of life and I thank you for it. You make it understandable.

  2. I love the use of Virgo energy to focus on the magical details of life, as well as the mundane. And with so much detail inundating us from technology and media, it’s extra important to find fresh perspective in nature. I love stepping back to notice the shape of clouds across the sky, the quality of raindrops, colours of shells on the shore, or the sounds of individual birdsong..

    Being outside or even just finding time to be with and appreciate our lives in a quiet, clear space help to heal the temptation to micromanage. Thank you Alicia for such useable and grounded Virgo guidance.

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