Virgo New Moon 2018

Anyone else feeling like they are coming back to reality today? Like it’s time to focus on everyday life and get back into a routine? After a hectic few weeks, space is opening up in my life again and I’m drawn to settle down to “normal” and focus on my routine so whole life is much more efficient and life can flow more smoothly. After all the excitement and fireworks of the last few months, what may have seemed boring is now bringing a sense of relief. Thank god for Virgo season!

The New Moon in Virgo this morning (4.03am AEST) encourages us all to put our mind to creating a stable and practical foundation that brings flow into our everyday lives. Virgo is an earth sign who is ruled by Mercury, giving the ability to perceive with clear (or brutal) honesty and analyse situations to find the objective facts. Virgo is the truth seeker, but not in the way of Sagittarius who looks to heaven. Instead, she focuses on the here and now, burying down into the details that lie before her to find what others may have missed, those minute, logical details that bring the truth to light. Think Sherlock Holmes or Dr Spock.

“Nature is the source of all true knowledge. She has her own logic, her own laws, she has no effect without cause nor invention without necessity.”
– Leonardo da Vinci

Virgo calls us to the look at the physical world around us to seek the truth, and follow her laws. Yes, our spiritual lives are important, however ,at the end of the day we are spiritual beings having a human experience and we need to live into that… what it feels like to be in our bodies, be part of the world around us, to sense and process and analyse. Virgo calls us to look after this physical temple that houses our spirit, to keep it ship-shape, like a postulate, would look after a temple. In the work, the caring, the consideration for what is needed, is the attraction for something higher to come and live there. And so it is for our bodies. The need to organise our routine and prioritise our health so we can function effectively towards being of service.

I’ll never forget a nun I once met in El Salvador when I was working with HIV/AIDS victims who had been stigmatised and abandoned by their families. A very practical, hands-on lady, she didn’t speak much about her faith or religion, but it radiated out of her caring and compassionate endeavours. Curious, one day I asked her what she prayed for. Instead of the answer I expected, like world peace, or a cure for HIV, she answered: “My health, as without that, I cannot help others, without my health I cannot love and care”. Now I’m not a religious person, but I was inspired by that conversation and for me, it demonstrated the essence of Virgo; perfection towards a purpose, humility in the face of the higher needs.

Neptune plays into this New Moon as well, offering compassion and sensitivity, and laying even more emphasis on the need to keep your higher life a strong part of your daily routine. Yes, it’s intangible qualities are tricky for Virgo, like travelling through the mist on a highway, but Virgo’s ability to focus to keep within the lines will help us stay on track. The question is, what do your lines look like? What line will you not go below? That’s another Virgoan issue, patiently examining the ethics and principals of a situation before deciding which path to take.

So, with all this energy it is a chance to make some focused intentions. Some of the themes you can make for this New Moon are around (inspired by Jan Spiller’s New Moon Astrology):

  • Organisation – efficiency, being detail oriented, getting around to paperwork, being punctual

  • Physical health and exercise – including health routines, exercise, finding a good healer, diet

  • Work – tasks, projects, co-workers, everyday routines

  • Service – helping others in a practical way, coming from pure intentions, reliability, letting the need lead

  • Synthesis – creating order out of chaos, processing, desire for perfection

  • Releasing excessive perfectionism – including worry, criticism, judgement of self and others, workaholism

Virgo also rules the liver, intestines, spleen and solar plexus, so intentions for healing issues such as IBS, diarrhoea and constipation, digestion and purification as well as gut health linked to mental health issues.

Wishing you much success with your intentions this month, and remember to read them frequently to yourself as the month progresses.

Alicia x

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