Virgo New Moon 2020

New Moon at 25 Virgo – 17 September

Brisbane – 9.00pm, London – 12.00pm, New York – 7.00am, Los Angeles – 4.00am

Virgo always reminds me of clockmakers, as this Mercury rules sign loves getting it’s hands and mind into intricate tasks. However it’s the cogs in a clock that I wish to focus on today…

Think of the clock maker, putting all the cogs and gears in place from their higher view of the whole picture. Each cog has a specific role to play and they don’t need to have the whole blueprint in mind to do their work, just focus on the task at hand. From its place, the cog may feel insignificant or unimportant, just a small piece of a larger puzzle. Yet the creator knows that even the smallest cog has a vitally important job to do, and if even just one breaks or jams, the whole system is thrown out of balance.

At my local clock shop, they have an astronomical clock, with all the planets slowly tracing their path. It makes me think – if I am a cog in this cosmic dance, what kind of cog do I wish to be? What great system am I serving? Because humans have freewill and choice, we aren’t like metal cogs forced into a system we don’t wish to belong to. And here lies the cogs power; as Shakespeare put it, “To be or not to be” or the more Virgo motto “To work or not to work”.

This New Moon is a chance to ask yourself questions such as:

  1. what kind of cog are you?
  2. what system are you currently supporting?
  3. what system do you wish to be part of?

The flexibility of this mutable system allows easy transitions, so now is the time to stop and break a system, shuffle into one that needs more cogs, or join one that has values that meet your own.

This New Moon happens right as its ruler, Mercury, forms a square to Jupiter. The big picture is there but it’s more important to focus on the task at hand than try being the CEO. I for one would hate to be any kind of world leader during this insane time. And yet above these leaders’ earthbound power, a bigger plan seems to be unfolding, beyond human comprehension. It’s easier and less anxiety to be the cog, knowing your choice of system is where your power lies. The integrity and idealism of Virgo calls us to stay with refinement and make choices based on best need for all. Virgo’s hard work ethics will be emphasised by a trine to Saturn, strengthening you to push up your sleeves and knuckle down to the tasks that must be done.

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