Virgo New Moon 2023

21 Virgo – 15 September at 11.40am Brisbane, 2.40am London, and 14 September at 9.40pm Eastern and 6.40pm Pacific

As the tender Moon catches the Sun again in their monthly dance across the heavens, the theme of pause and patience is carried on. With a tight trine to Uranus, this New Moon has the potential to significantly shift old patterns of “just work hard” or “hustle so you make it” so you can embrace the pause and reflect before acting or speaking.

Happening right as Mercury hangs still in the sky, ready to move forward again, it seems lessons learned in the back steps can inform what seeds to plant and when. Perhaps it’s the realisation that being well-rested means you’re more productive than working 16-hour days? Or discerning that most of your worries become unimportant when you’re present in the moment? Maybe humbly realising the goodness simplification brought you over the last three weeks?

The pause energy may mean you need to chew on this energy of beginnings more, and choose to wait 24-47 hours to work this Virgo New Moon Magic. Being towards the end of Virgo season, this New Moon asks you to refine the ways has simplification worked and then set intentions. Or perhaps see where has reorganising brought positive change and make more of that.

Seeds planted this month may find the soil not exactly as they hoped, and require transplants required down the track, so again, it’s ok to experiment and makes changes down the track… try the first quarter moon energy on the last day of Virgo season (23 September) for this.

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