Virgo New Moon

4 Virgo – 27 August 6.17pm Brisbane, 9.17am London, 4.17a, Eastern & 1.17am Pacific

Ahhh, the calm balm of the Sun in Virgo is always welcome after the hedonism of Leo season, but especially so this year after that rollercoaster month! I usually love the Virgo New Moon to get myself back on track, exercising, eating right and sleeping well. Yet all of Virgo’s pragmatic and discerning energy will be tested under this New Moon, as an exact square to Mars in Gemini brings inflammation and irritation. Possibly one of the most challenging aspects of the planets, Moon square Mars is like the tale of the Princess and the Pea – you are aching to find comfort, but sensitive to being poked by something sharp. Anticipate reactive emotions and stinging words, so you may wish to take care what you start under this energy. Setting intentions under this New Moon is more about discerning where the discomfort already lies and using Virgo’s precision to find the perfect solution.

Gemini and Virgo are both ruled by Mercury, in harmonious Libra right now, and seemingly this should work well for communication, learning and knowledge. Yet the tension lies in Mars in Gemini’s urge to gather up ALL the information while the Moon and Sun combining in Virgo want to refine it to a simple, pure message. Think of it like the journalist and their editor. The journalist researches all the facts and writes them up, then the editor brings their meticulousness to hone it into a clear, pithy piece. Or if you’re a bird lover – the Gemini magpie going after all the sparkly things while warbling it’s head off, while the quieter Virgo Bower Bird only wants it if it’s blue!

So how to resolve this tension? Mars in Gemini reminds this New Moon that sometimes good enough is just enough, especially if time is of the essence. And while it isn’t the best energy for intention setting, this Virgo New Moon energy offers a chance to slow down and logically approach towards a fair and effective outcome.

Some other ideas to try include:

  • Finding a simple, harmonious solution to a tense situation, using all your diplomatic skills
  • Writing a letter to someone you’re in conflict with, then burning it, to drain the heat
  • Using Virgo’s humble service focus to harness Mars in Gemini’s networking skills, such as bringing the right people together for a volunteering task
  • try intricate needlework, crochet or whittling to embrace this sharp Mars energy with Virgo’s refinement and finesse
  • plan for the upcoming Mars retrograde period (30 Oct until 11 Jan) when energy levels will drop or go haywire.

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