Virgo Season 2023

Always a quieter energy, Virgo Season brings a noticeably slower pace than usual this year. Starting with both Mercury and Venus retrograde, with Mars’ high energy soon toned down in poised Libra and fewer planetary conversations than usual. Like falling into soft, sweet grass after the frenzied dance of Leo season, the simple, grounded energy of Virgo feels like the pause we all need. Gazing at the sky and listening to your own heartbeats might be the best thing you can do right now. Simple. Calm. Present.

Mercury’s station retrograde starts right as the Sun moves into Mercury’s favourite domain today, doubling down on the contemplative, internalised energy we’ve already experienced through Venus retrograde. With the ruler running backwards, we know we’re not working with the typical organised, analytical Virgo energy. This Mercury retrograde, actually the whole Virgo season, is helping us take a step back and seek a view of the forest as well as the trees. The Mercury trines to Jupiter will boost this big picture energy, and I’d suggest those days, along with the Mercury cazimi, as days of power for anything communication – writing, speaking, presenting, and even commerce will all do well under this energy.

Virgo’s drive for productivity makes me think of the efficiency engine that is the human brain. Our synapses fire along known paths, as it’s faster and takes less effort to do what you know to complete tasks and meet goals. Yes, it is efficient, but if left over time it becomes stagnation. Without applying conscious effort, we can become stuck in patterns of behaviour or thinking. Life IS change, and without the flexibility to experiment and innovate, we end up tied to the machine of productivity. This month ahead can help to discern then tease apart your inner workings and gain insights into the unconscious pathways of reaction.

It’s important to note as well the impact the Sun’s move into Virgo will have as he guides Venus’ retrogrades through Leo. With the Sun in powerful in its domicile in Leo until now, re-evaluation was a pure and passionate journey into who or what your heart desires. Now analytical Virgo brings the mind to bear on the subjects, so try to marry logic with the desires tugging your heartstrings.

There’s also an interesting New Moon this month that lets you experiment and play now to effect deeper change down the track. So throw that spaghetti against the wall and know your mistakes cost you nothing as long as you learn from them.

What are my tips for the month ahead?

– consider using this as a chance for deep cleaning, either literal or metaphorical, using Virgo’s nose for detail to get into all the nooks and crevices. Look to house Virgo rules in your chart if you’d like to get specific.

– deepen your focus by removing distractions and simplifying routines, social media detox would be a great example

– as you dwell inwards, ask the discerning question “Does it fit my life purpose?” to guide your choices away from complex dispersion and into pure alignment

– find healing on earth, slow your pace for a while, and notice all the small things, as Virgo’s pleasure exists in the tiny details. Bird calls, insects nesting, light through leaves. Being focused on nature’s micro helps us dwell in the present moment, freeing us from the dogs of our worries and fears.

– the melancholy of Virgo can bring overthinking tendencies. If the monkey mind is taking over, especially with Mercury retrograde spinning its wheels, I’d suggest automatic writing or journaling as a way to empty out the mind trash. Yes, breathwork or meditation will also work, but there’s something about tangibles with this earth sign and the cathartic process of putting pen to paper and then tossing that away!

Dates of note

Sun opposite Saturn – 27 August

A spectacular day to witness Saturn’s majesty in the evening sky, though it can be a day where challenge comes from every angle. If harsh forces are trying to grind down your edges, think about just whose authority makes sense in such situations. You’re called to be responsible and disciplined, but that doesn’t mean being a doormat. Use logic and take the time to choose the appropriate response, then back your own authority here.

Mars into Libra – 28 August

A shift in pace for Mars, you may notice a drive from efficient confrontation towards calm negotiation, and from nose to the grindstone towards sparkling repartee. It may bring a level of discomfort for Aries and Scorpio risings or those with strong Mars charts, though it’s also a chance to act easily upon insights reaped during Mars retrograde late last year. Pair sweet words and diplomatic demeanour with your healthy assertions and you’ll go far!

Mercury trine Jupiter & Mercury Cazimi – 4 September & 6 September

“When in overwhelm, simplify” is my mantra for these dates. Great days for sharing a message, having important conversations, or making key commerce trades. Look to 10 August for the seeds of an initial idea you can pour optimism and confidence on now!

Venus stationing direct – 4 September

Today Venus halts her underground sojourn and heads toward the surface. No one has been unscathed by the raw, honest perceptions they gained from themselves during the last 43 days. Yet there were riches gathered in the lessons learned, and with Mercury trining Jupiter on this same day, while Venus is still close to Jupiter’s benevolence as well, your internal messaging system may be pinging with helpful and hopeful realisations.

Sun opposite Neptune – 19 September

Not a day for doing or planning or thinking things through, but a day for being, for dreaming and imagining possibilities. Let the discernment of Virgo show just where Neptune’s tendrils are taking you out to sea. If that’s where you want to be, then I wish you well as you set sail. But if you’re more of a landlubber or need to stay focused then find practical ways to steer close to shore. It’s also just fine to throw an anchor over the side and take the day off.

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