Beginners Astrology 1: Planets – The cosmic dancers

Meet the planets, the cosmic dancers, in the first part of the Beginner’s Astrology course


Are you looking to learn to translate the symbolism of astrology? Do you know some of the basics and now wish to pull it together? Like to delve into your own birth chart? Build on your connection to the stars and cosmos beyond? Interested to meet some like-minded people?

Join me for the first part of the Beginner’s Astrology course. In this initial five-week course, you’ll start with the most basic building block, the planets. These are the cosmic dancers on the universal stage, and they each play a specific role in your life. It is a beginners level course designed for those with no knowledge of astrology, or those wishing to pull together the knowledge they have from podcasts, books and YouTube.

You’ll learn about their temperaments, energies and drives, all through the lens of Traditional Astrology. There will be a brief introduction to the zodiac signs but they will be deepened in the next unit, starting in February. Some of what you’ll learn about is:

  • History and philosophy of this ancient art
  • Basic anatomy of a birth chart
  • Astrology language, including axes, elements, modalities and sect
  • Detailed information of the 7 traditional planets and the signs they rule, as well as the 3 outers
  • Planetary days and their uses

Each week you’ll explore real-life chart examples, as well as weekly reading, reflections and/or assessments to assist with your learning. You’ll be working with your own birth chart, so please contact Alicia if you don’t have a copy and she’ll send it through.

Once you purchase this course, you’ll be sent a link to access my course portal where you can access video recordings, slides, readings and assessments via the course portal.

This course is the pre-requisite for Beginner’s Astrology 2: Signs, Rising and Houses, which connects the symbology of the planets to stage and backdrop these dancers exist in – the signs and houses. The next unit will start on 1 February 2020.


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