Aquarius New Moon 2020

7.41am Brisbane, 10.41pm London, 4.41pm New York

After a slow, deep few days, the Moon has finally shifted into Aquarius and we are minutes away from the New Moon phase. Energy should swell, and the cool, neutrality of Aquarius brings us up to a higher perspective.

If 2019 was the year of closing doors and letting go, then 2020 is the year to open new doors and take the first steps forward into a brave new world. A number of cycles are resetting this year and the early degrees of Aquarius contain much of the action. This New Moon is like the plugin to the future, and we can use it to crack open what is possible. With connections to Saturn’s upcoming cycle through Aquarius, these visions aren’t just for the next 6 months, but the foundations we wish to build over the coming 3 years.

Aquarius isn’t about goal setting, instead it’s about visioning what’s possible, large and high. The logic is there, and yet this is where we stand in the face of the unknown and feel comfortable with what may be, or may not.

It’s also the first lunation of the year that isn’t an eclipse, so now is the time to get your 2020 goals right and send your messages out to the Universe.

It’s time to innovate, to experiment, to use the detachment of Aquarius to feel comfortable making mistakes as they are all part of the bigger picture leading us to where we hope to be. Freedom is a big piece of the picture too, and new perspectives or unusual solutions. Aquarius dreams of creating a better future for this graceful planet we call home, and all life upon her, and feel free to include these themes in your intentions.

Tips for intention setting under this New Moon:

  • Make it authentic to you, not coming from your shoulds or the dreams of someone else,
  • Visioning, not goals
  • Inventive solutions to problems
  • Higher perspectives on situations
  • Finding detachment, cooling responses
  • Looking to what is the need, not what we need

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