Aquarius Season 2020 – Into the Unknown

We are in unprecedented times, in uncharted waters. You only have to look at news all over the world to see that. Often we fear the unknown and struggle back to what is familiar and yet the known keeps us stuck in the past, away from new possibilities. When we get down to basics, really each day is unknown, and yet daily routines and regular rhythms of life lull us into a false sense of consistency so believe we know what will happen. However there are times in our lives and in history when events wipe away our foundations (think accidents, disease, social upheaval, natural disasters, war), and suddenly the future is a total unknown as the past offers no guidance in uncharted waters. And that is where we feel like we are right now. Our old life is gone, never to return in the same way. We are looking around wondering “What next?” and “Where to from here?”. And this is where we need to bravely walk forwards into the unknown.

Into the Unknown

Major change is already happening and it’s up to us to be ready. Like a surfer as a large wave comes in, we can either be paddling forwards, poised to stand up and surf that wave with some control over the direction we are aiming for. Or we can let it wash over and take us under. The latest “Frozen” movie franchise crack is a song called “Into the Unknown” and boy do they love it – my daughter belts it out at least 10 times a day. And it got me thinking… our children are so used to being with the unknown, their young minds are more flexible and adaptable, ready for whatever the future may bring. They embrace all its possibilities instead of being wedded to the past.

Coolness and logic

Here’s an example – one of the few silver-linings to come from the devastating bushfires in Australia is prominence of Indigenous fire management techniques. I won’t bore you with all the details (unless you’re an eco-nerd like me, then please watch this great video about it), but the key to this technique is the use of “cool” fires at the right time to manage fuel load and weeds while protecting the vital tree canopy. The coolness of this approach and the logical viewpoint that takes in the whole picture is so Aquarian, and already government departments are talking about incorporating it in their fire hazard reduction. This is what the future of bush management in Australia needs to look like. So just how can you bring this cooling, logical approach to your own life?

Experiment for freedom

Aquarius is the great experimenter, balancing on the boundaries, trying new ideas and looking for different possibilities. It’s calling for us to try the same, look at where we have cleared some space in the last 12 months and now have freedom to act in new ways. There is an entrepreneurial spirit to Aquarius that say “if you don’t try it, you’ll never know” and this beckons you forwards.

Future vision

The Sun in Aquarius takes the long-term views of its ruler Saturn and extends it far, far into the future. There is beauty in its visionary style and ability to neutrally survey the landscape from the highest view to decided what does and does not fit. Idealistic and principled, they judge from a high standard and strive for the truth and freedom for all.

This 2020 Aquarius season emphasises just what the future could be as this sign is seeing the beginning of new times. Saturn moves in and out of Aquarius all year, before finally taking up residence here in December for a grounding of this area of lives for two year. At the same time, Jupiter moves into Aquarius and meets Saturn, ready to start not only a new 20 year cycle, but a whole new 200 cycle (more on that in months to come). Yup, we are resetting from 1842, just think of what the world became in that time?!

Hopefully this gives you a taste of the month to come, and here are some key dates to remember:

23 January – Sun in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus will help you wipe away the cobwebs and shake up a few areas of your life that need more honesty, insight and a dose of the real you. Edginess points to where you may be stuck, so bring in flexibility, openness and willingness to experiment. Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius placements take heed!

Later the same day brings some magic in the form of Venus sextile Jupiter, so taking time out and space for yourself can help allow for flow and connection, as the compass needle points out practical steps towards your dreams.

24/25 January – New Moon in Aquarius (25th at 7.41am Brisbane, 24th at 9.41pm in London, 4.41pm in New York) is your time to set your 2020 goals, and even beyond. As discussed above, this is the time to really look forward, 2 years, even 20 years into the future. Look to the house this lights up for themes of where to work.

28 January – Venus conjunct Neptune turns on the creative tap with a dash of intuitive flow. A day for rest and restoration, time with select loved ones, and perhaps higher connection and a focus on spiritual pursuits.

3 February – Mercury moves into Pisces for his annual trip into foggy lalaland, including a retrograde period from 17 February until 10 March. Not a time for complex planning or important communications, but it’s perfect for taking time off, getting into those meditation practices, and projects that involve imagination and creativity.

8 February – Venus strides into Aries and we’ll have a pace shift in our relationships. For those with Aries placements this adds a healthy dose of charm and grace, though a more honest and direct style of relating is invited for everyone else. Find out more about Venus in Aries here and through a look at Lady Gaga’s chart here.

16 February – Mars into earthy Capricorn stops winging it and gets real and practical, placing his strength into concentrated work. He craves focus, so give him projects to tackle or hurdles to jump over in the next 6 weeks and you’ll be amazed just how far he gets you. This is a major energy shift for Aries and Scorpio especially, or those with strong Mars charts.

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