Astrology of 2020 Spring Equinox – Australia Looking Ahead

As we reach the Sun’s Ingress into Libra and the 2020 Spring equinox, we can use the chart of the exact time of the in Canberra to make predictions about the possibilities of what is ahead.

Libra Ingress 2020 Canberra, ACT

The Gemini Ascendant is a mutable sign, meaning this chart should last 6 months, until the Aries ingress next year. The ruler is Mercury in Libra in 5th house, showing a preoccupation with places of enjoyment and pleasure. The removal of these from our lives in recent months shows a focus as lockdown eases on how and when people come together again in theatres, parks, sports stadiums, and galleries.

This Mercury is also conjunct the fixed star of Spica, which has a strong protective quality and bodes well for the prosperity and health of the country, as well as our reserves. It seems we’ve dodged the second wave bullet, with the sad exception of Melbourne, and while I don’t think the future is rosy, we are likely to fare better than other countries around the world.

Like the Aries Ingress chart back in March (see a video I did about that with Robert Bailey and Wade Caves here), the North Node again is in the first house, showing a government focus on the future of our country and people first, before we look to help or support others. This will have its benefits for us as we’ve been fairly unscathed with COVID-19, however, I hope it doesn’t mean ignoring nearby nations who need our International Aid now more than ever.

Education and birth rate

The fifth house is also children, and with Libra on the fifth house cusp and it’s ruler Venus in the third house, decisions around schools going back and how to protect children will continue to dominate. I also wonder if the birth rate will jump in this and the next quarter, as we start to reach the 9-month mark since the first lockdown began; it’s a natural human survival instinct to breed at times of stress, as the baby boom at the end of World War II shows.

Venus in Leo on the cusp of the third house shows possible diplomatic resolutions when it comes to the education sector, and with a trine from the Moon, we know all eyes are on what is happening for the fourth school term in 2020.

Public sentiment

Mercury is heading from intense Pluto into a tricky tangle with the Mars-Saturn square, some may even call this besieged. Jupiter is linked to the governing party (ruler of 10th house) and their focus is still on national debt and death rate. At odds with this is Mars retrograde in 11th house as a disgruntled public losing hope in the face of the isolation (Saturn in Capricorn) they are enduring to reduce the deaths (8th house) from this life-threatening epidemic (Saturn). Perhaps the answer lies in a balanced approach (Mercury in Libra) to allowing the public access to entertainment spaces (5th house). Humour and light-heartedness are always good antidotes to stress – just ask soldiers, police or ICU nurses.

Moon in Sagittarius denotes the general public, which seems hopeful in light of how Australia has fared overall, yet conjunct the fixed star Antares also means a general feeling of belligerence and impatience is growing, frustrated at the situation they are in and many living in survival mode as they wait out COVID-19 and it’s restrictions. Retrograde Mars in Aries is right near our national chart’s rising as well, so that feeling of irritability, frustration, and spinning wheels in the mud is a strong signature.

Foreign Affairs

The Moon on the Descendant shows most people’s focus right now is overseas. Whether due to geography or political decisions, perhaps it’s seeing ourselves as the “lucky country” because we have escaped the fate of many other countries in the world. With the US election looming and the impact the outcome of that will have on the rest of the world, many heads are turned to that foreign partner in particular. Increasing tensions between the USA and China, another major trading partner, could leave Australia in a difficult position if they continue under the next US government.

In terms of trade, the flip side of the Australian focused North Node in the first house is the South Node in the 7th house. COVID-19 has strangled our connections with foreign partners through this world plague and it’s travel restrictions. The Prime Minister’s recent foreign relations bill could also indicate a strain on our partnership with China down the track, in the interest of safeguarding our own economy and opportunities for Australian companies.

Financial outlook and employment rate

The Moon in Sagittarius also rules the financial outlook for the next 6 months, and as it’s growing in light and next aspect being a trine to Venus, it seems the results may stand strong. Jupiter in Capricorn rules employment rates (10th house), and while yes, Jupiter is in its fall, it’s still a cautiously protective influence. Hopefully, the recent good news on employment rates being boosted by the gig economy will continue into the beginning of 2021, though Neptune in the Midheaven makes me think results could be embellished. This could also mean we’ll see government fraud or corruption happen in the coming months, or just confusing message from authorities. I wouldn’t be surprised when you look at the current political football-playing between federal and state governments at the moment. Planets on the midheaven have a wide significance, and I hope the positives of Neptune’s water will keep our country wet as we head into the next bushfire season.

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