Cancer Season & The June Solstice

Wishing you all a Happy Solstice for last Saturday! For those in the Southern Hemisphere, have you felt the energy rising again every so slightly? And has the mood shifted just a little lower for our Northern Hemisphere friends?

The June Solstice always marks the Sun entering Cancer, as it reaches the heights of the Tropic of Cancer in the Northern Hemisphere (ever wonder why it was called that?) which is marked by ancient places, including Stonehenge. There has been such an emphasis on Cancer over recent weeks that it seems redundant to call it Cancer season as the Sun shifts in to join them this week. The crab is getting a workout, as is the area of our lives that Cancer holds sway in. Where do you feel most protective? What draws out your nurturing instinct? How do you like to be cared for and nourished? Perhaps all of that has been flipped on it’s head recently… and the Sun and Venus are coming along to help you gather things up and put them into a new order.

There have been so many questions about how we care for ourselves and where we can better ask for help and support. You see, Cancer loves to be nourished as much as it loves nourishing, but if life hasn’t supported that part of you then often we only know the one way of giving. It’s safer to give, less vulnerable, as somehow our modern day life equates giving with power and receiving with powerlessness. There’s an ancient wisdom “In the receiving there is also the gifting” – as we allow others to give to us, they also get the warm glow of being the giver. Remembering this can often help us when we feel uncomfortable asking for support.

And then there’s the tug of war between Cancer and Capricorn and those two areas of our lives that are usually opposed. For me, it’s been home versus profession, work versus family, and never before in my life have I felt so poor at this balance. In the last few weeks we’ve had numerous winter sicknesses right when I’ve had deadlines and a busy consult calendar, and I’ve needed to choose to put family first. That is why this post is days late which jangles my Capricorn need to be seen as successful and having it all together. And yet, in the struggle I’ve learnt just how much I need both of these areas. Time with my husband and children nourishes my soul, and time being with clients and writing feeds my spirit – I can’t have one without the other.

So what have you been pulled between lately? It’s good to understand as the coming eclipses will highlight the themes even more and could bring events or people into your life that shine an even stronger spotlight, just so we clean up every last crumb. So we’re not out of the corridor yet, but there is a light shining through a doorway ahead and we now know we have the strength to move through it. I’m doing a Facebook Live this Wednesday (8.15pm AEST) on the eclipses, so please join me to find your map to navigating the tricky waters ahead.

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