February 2019 Astrology Weather

January flew past, and had me eating at that buffet of crazy again, how was it for you? For that reason, I didn’t finalise my horoscopes for this month, so instead, I recorded a video overview of the month ahead.

February is a quieter month from January, with fewer highs and lows. Venus is pouring her balm onto the dry ground of Capricorn, and the new Moon in Aquarius offers a chance for alternative solutions or a new way of perceiving.

The second half of February slows right down as Mercury, then Mars, and finally the Sun all moving into the calmer, quieter Yin signs of Taurus and Pisces. It’s time to rest and take stock so we can reconnect and regroup towards the more challenging times of the year ahead.

Wishing you an insightful and restful month ahead, and enjoy watching.



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