January 2019 Horoscopes

January is like the trailer of the movie that 2019 will be for all of us, with all the major players showing their faces in this month. Between Jupiter’s square to Neptune, the first solar eclipse highlighting the nodes now in Cancer-Capricorn and the Sun highlighting all the Capricorn energy, we’re getting a taste of the year ahead. Read on to see how it may play out for your sign and how you can consciously use it.

This Saturday night I’ll also be posting an audio guide on how best to work with the Capricorn New Moon eclipse this coming Sunday (11.28am AEST) as it’s not your normal New Moon energy when it comes with intention setting.

Happy New Year, and enjoy all the bounty and inspiration it can offer.




With Mars back into your sign you’re feeling much more yourself. Your energy is returning, your focus is back and you’re ready to unleash yourself on the year ahead. And that’s lucky, as there’s so much you can achieve this year. The eclipse on 6 January bring a focus to your career or public life, and likely will be a sneak peek to this area for the year ahead and more. Rewards are likely for those who are knuckling down and keeping the long view – it’s more of a marathon than a sprint and for you, Aries, when you apply all your grit, determination and discipline you’ll climb mountains. If you are frustrated by setbacks or hurdles, find a positive way to channel that Mars energy, anything that gets you hot and sweaty – think kickboxing, running, dancing to a strong beat, even sex is a great for this! This eclipse will also highlight an imbalance there may be between your career and your family life – if you can work out that balance from now, the eclipses over the next 18 months will be easier to navigate.

Venus moving into Sagittarius on January 7 stems what has felt like a constant the drain on the finances for you. Now, Venus will add even more focus to the taste for adventure and expanding your horizons you’ve got at the moment, adding some sweetness to whatever you’re experimenting with here. Don’t be scared to be generous with yourself around 14th, others can learn from your journey and sharing from an authentic place will build confidence. After the 22nd, you’ll be more able to align how you want to open up your life over the coming year with what you love to do. As Marianne Williamson so famously said “as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same” – and this month can be about your stepping into your light in that way, if you allow yourself.

Uranus has been up to his old tricks in Aries again, creating chaos in his wake. He slows to move direct on 6 January and then starts hustling forward again to move out of your sign for quite some time (the year 2094 to be exact). While I’m sure you’ll be glad to see the back of him, you can use this energy to remove any old thinking of behaviours that are holding you back. If you’re feeling a lack of self-confidence or anxiety about owning your own power, now is the time to put the Uranus bomb under it and blast it away. As the Sun moves into Aquarius on 20 January, you’ll find support from friends and people of like-mind – heed what they have to say as they often see you better than you see yourself.


Your ruling planet, Venus, finally breaks free of Scorpio late on January 7, and you’ll be finally feeling that lightness and optimism everyone else has been talking about. A theme emerging since November is around what you share with others and how much of yourself should you give away, and Venus is coming in to ask where do you need more freedom to do your own thing and where could you be more generous, either of time, money or even intimacy. You know boundaries are important, but no man is an island, so work on finding the right balance for you in this and you’ll be in good stead for the year ahead. There is the potential for confusion around what you share with a group of friends or a collective with the Jupiter Neptune square on the 14th so it’s important you are clear on those boundaries and not give more than can. Venus moves up to Jupiter on the 22nd and you may wish to be more open-hearted and generous that day, go with the impulse and you’ll receive just as much in


The January 6th eclipse is highlighting all things foreign for you – overseas travel, meeting people from other cultures, opening your mind or even spiritual perspectives. You have been bringing a new wisdom or maturity into your world view over the past 12 months, and this eclipse brings a chance to get rid of outdated perceptions or thought patterns that no longer serve you. Embrace the idea that you don’t know what you don’t know, and be open to a lifetime of learning, then you’ll find a whole new world open up as mysteries reveal themselves to you. Practical ends are possible but a leap of faith is required, so get ready to lift those solid hooves from the ground. This is the first in a series of eclipses over the next 18 months, so getting clear now on where you are the student and where the teacher will stand you in good stead into 2020.


Last year had a feeling of limited resources, which isn’t an easy energy yet it has shown you just how much you can get by without. Simplifying life and working out your core values is good work for you at this time and brings a new maturity. The January 6 eclipse offers a chance to deepen this, to let go of old wounds or psychologies so new opportunities can come through. You do well sharing with others, but it’s time to get serious about what skills and resources you can offer and what you need from others so you can have realistic conversations. As your ruler, Mercury, moves into Capricorn the day before (5 January) you’ll be drawn to more practical ideas that take into account the long view and plan for the future. 14 January offers you a chance to get some solid plans in place, and then when Mercury moves into Aquarius on 24th a sudden idea or brain wave will add an extra dimension.

Relationships have been a focus for you over the last few months, with a few highs and lows happen as you learn new things about yourself through your interactions with others. January will continue this energy, but hopefully with more balance. Venus is moving in to sweeten this area of your life even more on January 7 and stays there all month. If there have been negotiations around personal freedom versus commitment then 22 January’s energy is perfect for a clear conversation to straighten things out.

Around the 14th, someone close (intimate partner, close friends, business partner) could be the catalyst for a new opportunity in your work life or career. It’s likely to be selfless, generous suggestion, but you may be confused by the motives, so make sure everyone is clear about what is on offer and the possible outcomes before you proceed. This is the first of three such transits of this energy (17 June and 22 September are the other dates), so if you get it right the first time around it might become the gift that keeps on giving!


The month starts in a lovely way for you, with a beautiful Moon Jupiter conjunction bringing feelings of confidence and optimism around your health and well-being. Venus moves in to bring some of her healing to this area of your life on January 7 and will continue there for the rest of the month, but you need to actively use this energy by seeking out the right professionals or putting in place a good exercise, diet or lifestyle routine. Mars back into Aries as the years begins brings new energy into your career, and you’ll return to work feeling ready to throw yourself into a new project or role. If no such opportunity exists then see if you can create one either at work or in a public space where you can funnel this extra energy to ward off frustration or irritability.

The first eclipse of the year is lighting up relationships for you, asking you to throw old baggage overboard so you can lighten your load. This may be someone new coming onto the scene who you feel comfortable enough to be vulnerable with, or it could be a new you that is coming through, willing to let go of old fears so that space of vulnerability isn’t so fearsome any longer. As the awesome Brene Brown writes “Embracing our vulnerabilities is risky but not nearly as dangerous as giving up on love and belonging and joy—the experiences that make us the most vulnerable.” The eclipse on 6 January offers an opportunity to balance your need to protect yourself against the pull of connection with another. Ask yourself, are your walls keeping you safe or trapped? If safety is the answer, then keep on building with awareness of why. But if it’s trapped, perhaps it’s time to open a chink in your armour. With the north node beckoning you to be independent and assert yourself, issues of “me versus we” will be coming up during eclipses over the next 18 months. Finding a way to get your needs met while still caring for your loved ones is important, and such conversations are imperative. When the Sun meets Pluto on 11 January there may be some tough talks around all of this, but understanding and deeper connection are results worth working hard towards.


You’ve loved the recent festive celebrations, but with the Sun now in earthy Capricorn it’s time to slow down and recharge. With Saturn in your house of health for over a year now, you know your usual vitality is harder to access and you’re not bouncing back as quickly as normal. Instead of taking your vigour for granted, it’s time to put in place a good foundation of sleep, diet and exercise that will support you for the long-term. Now is the time to start, with the eclipse on January 6th acting as a possible nudge from the Universe to get it happening. If you are already all over this, then rewards for your efforts should start showing, as well as signs of where some tweaks may be necessary. Remember, this is long-term stuff so plan for lifestyle changes rather than short-term fads to do the best for your health. The Sun meeting Pluto here on 11th offers a chance to make substantial changes and transform how you feel about the body/temple you’ve been gifted.

Venus will join Jupiter in Sagittarius from 7 January to 4 February, and this delicious energy has you in the mood to play. Spending time with children will bring real joy, or perhaps creative outlets will get some much needed attention. Amorous relationships gain a positive energy here, as you feel comfortable in your own skin and others warm to your vibe. Whether it’s play time with your kids, letting your creative juices flow or spending time with a loved one, this is about being in the moment, and not focusing too much on the end goal or what next. The conjunction on January 22 will feel especially juicy and that’s definitely an evening to set aside for play or romance (or both)!

The full moon on January 21 (3.15pm AEST) is the last of the eclipses in your sign for a while and will bring one last reminder of the themes you have been dealing with around self since May 2017. What have you needed to learn around the balance of relationship, the push and pull between what you need and what others are asking for? Have you built a strong enough sense of self? Are there some last things to let go of around putting the needs of others ahead of your own? Relationships are tricky things, but real connection requires authenticity and equality on both sides for them to work well.


Your ruling planet Mercury is back at his normal speed and moving into grounded Capricorn on January 5, which your earthy energy will love. Think writing up lists, focusing on goals and setting long terms intentions but make sure it involves some creativity. The New Moon eclipse in Capricorn the next day is emphasising even more your need to get serious around play and creative pursuits. Planning play may sound contradictory but you above all know the importance of routine, dear Virgo, and what is possible when things are given time and energy. Prepare well, source what you need, plan in the time and make the space and then leave all control at the door – here is where the beauty can flourish. It could also be connecting with your children, or a romantic time with your partner, anything that gets you into the space of living in the moment as that is where

Meanwhile home really is where the heart has been for you since November, and spending time at home and/or with family has been nourishing in many ways. With Venus moving into this area on January 7, finding peace at home and focusing on your personal life will be even more rewarding. Venus here loves to redecorate or find new ways bring beauty into your home. Lots of natural light combined with yellows and blues are the perfect way to bring more benefic Jupiter energy into your home. The Jupiter-Neptune square on the 14th my bring tension to the surface between finding internal peace and fulfilling your dreams for your relationship. This is the first test of an energy that we’ll see again in June and September, so finding a good balance between the ideals you have around your relationship and the realities of home life will be key for 2019. However there is enough optimism and generosity between these two planets that a flexible solution will be within your grasp.

Finance themes are also activated this month, with Mars energising your area of shared resources all month. It’s a great time to pool money towards a common goals, or ask for a loan, but make sure everything is clear and above board to avoid later repercussions. The Full Moon eclipse in Leo on January 21 (3.15pm AEST) can offer new awareness on your own finances and where you might be acting in an unconscious way which smacks of themes from early August 2018. Tightening things up here one final time will bring the solid feeling under your feet.


From the beginning of January Mars is bringing his oomph to your relationship sector, and invites you to putting forward your relationship needs to ensure they get met. Mars like things upfront and honest, so your communications should reflect this too if you’re to get what you want. Uranus has been back in there since November delivering his usual shock tactics, and if some relationships are crumbling then perhaps they need to go. Use Mars’ cutting energy to remove behaviours or people that no longer serve so what you need (and deserve) can flourish in it’s place.

There is a serious tone to home life right now, a feeling of getting things in order with family to ensure long term stability. There are some things around your reputation or career that you need to consider that are getting in the way of being able to bring the focus to home, and the eclipse on January 6 will highlight this even more. Just remember, you don’t need to look after everyone nor need the validation of others to be a worthwhile person. Instead, focus on creating a place of peace and security you can come home to, either be your physical home or a core place within yourself, and that will supply all the stability and confidence you need. Ideas followed up by actions around 11 January will support personal transformation here, and further conversations on 19th can help you understand the unconscious drivers for you and others. From here, clear cut decisions can be made.

On a lighter note, with your ruling planet Venus moving out of her extended travels through deep Scorpio on 7 January, your usual equanimity and balance will return and you’ll feel warm and fuzzy again. Pleasant times can be found in social gatherings, with your siblings or “sisters-from-another-mister” type relationships, or perhaps even a short jaunt if you’re still in holiday mode. Maybe you’re even thinking about the benefits of study in the year ahead and feel drawn towards anything that will help you communicate better with the outside world.


As Venus glides out of your sign on 7 January, all the attention is finally taken away from you, Scorpio, and you can get back to your mysterious dealings in peace. New Year reflections may have you looking back, and you probably don’t recognise yourself from 12 months ago. The mirror shows the same person, but there is a new glint in the eye and set to the shoulders that tell of the inner battles fought and won. You made it, and the year ahead feels full of promise!

Your ruling planet, Mars, is back in home territory in Aries, which means extra energy for you in getting things done and you’ll find real satisfaction in putting your nose to the grindstone this month, especially if it involves helping others. You’ll also feel reinvigorated around getting a good exercise routine in place, the sort that gets the blood pumping. There may be some tension between what you think needs to happen and what others want, and if the frustration is too much then exercise is a great way to redirect Mars’ irritability. Mars here can also indicate accidents or hot health related issues (think fevers and inflammation) so keep an eye on your health and temper any impulses to rush around.

Jupiter has been bringing extra confidence into you area of values and wealth, and Venus travelling through from 7 January until 4 February brings extra flow into this area. Investments and finances are definitely something to work on, though make sure you aren’t putting in more than you can handle. Also be careful of extravagant spending, as Venus’ love of pleasure can mean what you earn is outstripped by what you spend and Jupiter just likes to expand whatever he is connected to, be it profits or loss. It’s also a good time to be touch base with your value system, to ensure daily decisions you make are in alignment with your core fundamentals. It’s the slow moving away from who you are that creates stress, and this transit offers a chance to bring you back to yourself.

The Full Moon in Leo on 21st (3.15pm AEST) holds one last lingering question about your work/life balance, and whether or not you’re getting it right, so use it to fine tune any changes you’ve made over the last 18 months.


Jupiter, oh Jupiter, I hope he’s been bringing you lots of new prospects and adventures? Perhaps too much? Hopefully Capricorn season has settled things down for you, and if not, then create little openings in your life for this grounding energy to flow in. Getting serious around your finances, creating a reasonable budget, perhaps buying property or just solidifying future plans for abundance of any kind will offer you the security you need at the moment. The New Moon eclipse on 6 January and then the Sun-Pluto meeting on the 11th will sweep the decks clean in some regards, a chance to let go any old thinking around what you do, or do not deserve. Looking at new ways you can share resources with others to reach your goals will help you stretch that extra bit further to making things happen but make sure that there is equality in the power balance.

Venus moving into your sign on 7 January may have you examine your image, and whether you’d like a new style for the New Year. They say “a change is as good as a holiday” so have a play around with Venus’ love of beauty. Time socialising, networking, unifying are all positive ways to use Venus here, and you may attract some very helpful people this month, so be open for the benefits others can offer you. It’s also a great time to mend bridges if any have been broken recently, as Venus offer some diplomacy and tact to your exuberant nature.

The Jupiter-Neptune square on 14th brings feelings of abundance and flow into your life, and the best way to negotiate this is to be a pipeline for it – pass it on in your uniquely generous way! There may be frustrations between opportunities coming up for you and the ideals you hold for your home and family life, but the secret here is to do both and they will end up supporting each other. Find harmony at home and you’ll be more confident in the world, and feel more yourself and home life will just flow around you. This has a creative bent to it and as always with Neptune, time spent near water will help to open up your intuition and guide the way past any hurdles.


Well, it’s all happening for you this month Capricorn, and this is the prelude to an important few years really. The New Moon eclipse on 6 January (11.28am AEST) gives you a taste of how these events will be panning out for you over the next 18 months, and with the south node involved there’s a chance to level up and move into the next phase of growth. Yes, you’ve been doing some pretty serious work on yourself for over a year now, but knowing you, Capricorn, you’re not one to rest on your laurels for long. Enjoy the view and then set some new goals for yourself that bring the structure for a whole new level of expansion.

Mars’ entry into Aries has your home in a whirl of activity. Getting out and active with your family, or starting some projects at home offer a productive outset for this energy which could otherwise manifest as frustration, tension or impatience in your home. Compulsive behaviours driven by unconscious energies could be at the root of this too, so reflect, reflect, reflect on what is happening and how you may be contributing without even realising it. The same goes for work, if others are opposing you it may be your own beliefs about yourself at play. Just ride the energy for now knowing it will end in mid-February.

Venus joining Jupiter from January 7 in your most hidden house means you’ll find real pleasure in retreat this month. So allow yourself those days when you switch off the alarm, turn off your alerts and ignore your watch. That’s when you’re able to connect with your intuition and allow it to guide you. There is a mystical side to you, and this time offers you a change to either rediscover it or build on it more, as your natural sensitivities have a chance to flow to the surface.

For those born between 10-12 January, Pluto has been urging you towards change for the last year at least. Your birthday this year will show you some insight into just how far you’ve come, and how much more you can grow if you wish to. They’re called growing pains for a reason, but they bring the birth of something new and wonderful, detached from old ways of thinking and acting – true freedom! Fighting this energy is like pushing back against a steam train – instead open up the windows to change and feel the breath of fresh air on your face as the new flows through. This applies to all Capricorns, and those with earlier birthdays are probably nodding their heads with the wisdom that comes from those who have survived this energy and are now thriving!


All feeling quieter for you Aquarius? I bet after the turmoil of 2018 it’s quite a relief. You don’t love drama, and the eclipses of the last few years served up a little more than you’re used to… but I bet there were some lessons in there too. You’ve been finding many things drawing to a close in the last twelve months, and the 6 January eclipse in Capricorn will give you more insight on just what needs to go. If you’re holding onto thing, make sure they are the right things for you and not keeping you locked in a prison of your own making. Take time out and retreat from the world to examine what is really in alignment for you, and what is just holding you back. You may have to dig deep into your psyche to understand yourself, but it’s worth the work as you’ll be able to build better structures that support who and where you are you right now. 11 January may show you a deep well of poison that needs to be drained, and will also give you the power to do it. Do be cautious who you share the results of your inner journey with, as only those who can be trusted deserve to know your depths.

On the flip side, Jupiter has been bringing the party to you, and there is an urge to be in contact and connection with others. Both Mars and Venus are highlighting your social houses this month, and being out and about will bring out the warm fuzzies, and also potential benefits. Meeting like-minded people is always good for your soul, Aquarius, and there’s the potential for beneficial connection and collaboration that will support your goals and plans all year. There may be some friction with siblings under this energy, so if this flares up know it just requires patience and a cool head until it blows over in mid-February, try not to let it get out of hand.

There is a last lunar eclipse on 21 January in Leo that will give you once look at your reflection from the mirror of relationships. If drama or tension comes up with a partner or close friend, it’s time to turn the mirror on yourself and see how you are contributing to things. As my grandmother always said, “It takes two to tango” and it’s rarely only one person bringing issues into the relationship. If that is the case though, and it’s not you, this eclipse could be a chance to get rid of what no longer serves you in that area of your life.


The last year was much to do about your social networks or groups you belong to, and you worked hard on solidifying the old and building on the new. The New Moon eclipse in Capricorn on the 6th will highlight this, and you may realise you can’t hold onto everything so will need to make a conscious choice about where is most worthwhile to put your energy. As the year continues just know that as these connections strength so too does the mutual support they offer. 11 January may highlight where there is an imbalance power here, either you giving your power away or being too strong with someone else. Be flexible and willing to move with this as it will require either correction or letting go.

Your career area has had a boost since November, and from the 7th Venus comes in to add her sweetness here for the rest of the month. It’s the perfect time to ask for that raise or promotion, with a well-thought out case to back you up of course. The 22nd is the perfect day to try for this, and what comes out here could be a windfall both for your professional standing and your finances. Projects you’re working on will happen with ease, so put in all your efforts to see real results this month. The Jupiter Neptune square on 14th will directly impact you, as you’re pulled between the visions you had for yourself this year and the opportunities showing up in your career. This isn’t about one or the other but how can you fit in both? The idea is to embrace both if you can, as they will actually feed each other.

Mars lights up your area of wealth and values until mid-February, so put some energy into getting your financial ducks in a row and making sure you’re living in alignment with your values. If you’re dabbing in grey area of your own moral code things may come back to bite you, so best to employ some focus and courage to deal correctly and get it all above board. It can also mean some serious flow into your coffers this month, but you do need to be actively doing the work to get it happening.

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