Gemini New Moon 2019 – Connect with your sparkle

One of the lighter points of this month, today’s New Moon in Gemini is like taking a break and opening the windows in a meeting room in which tense negotiations have been happening. People are in the breakout space, able to enter into lighter conversations on new subjects, glad to take their minds off the subject at hand for a little while. Where can let in a fresh breeze by shifting your attention to a different area of your life? How can you connect your sparkle?

New Moon’s are about new beginnings, and this one is no different. Gemini is all about curiosity, sharing of information and being on the pulse of the news. This is the mutable air sign, like a summer breeze that changes speed and direction sometimes gentle and soft, sometimes stronger. Another analogy is the butterfly that likes to float from flower to flower, seeking nectar and carrying pollen between each and in this way, Gemini is an ideas and information pollinator. What is it you need to know? Who do you need to connect with to find out? And who can you pass on your thoughts and ideas onto?

Gemini is also about light-hearted fun, humour and youthfulness, and this is where we can all take a break from the current tension in the skies. Remember how to have fun. Find a way to bring back our sparkle. I remember giving birth to my first daughter under a Gemini Moon, after a long, drawn out labour. My beautiful friend agreed to be our birth doula, and it took her a while to arrive as she lived over an hour away. During that time I cried, screamed, and cried more, and my husband’s heart was breaking at it all. Being a nurse, she is used to tense situations so when she walked in she took one look at my drawn face and my husband’s stressed-out look and knew just what to do – she brought in laughter. Suddenly the whole mood lightened, and I got my energy back. At the end of every contraction, she’d crack another joke and, in the end, I don’t know what hurt more; the contractions or the pain of laughing so hard with a pregnant belly. I will never be able to repay her for her gift of lightness, as that is what got me through one of the hardest nights of my life. And with that dawn came my beautiful baby girl, who still now loves creating lightness, laughter and fun in our lives.

Some topics you could set intentions around this month include:

  • Learning, education and curiosity
  • Variety, cleverness, ingenuity
  • Creating fun, laughter and youthfulness
  • All forms of communication, including writing, speaking and listening
  • Socialising, including acceptance, openness, interest and wittiness
  • Seeing the small details, focusing on the facts
  • Anxiety, nervousness, indecision (finding alleviation)

If you would like to personalise it even more, and you know your rising sign, have a look at this month’s horoscope by your rising sign to know which area of your life this New Moon will highlight.

Today’s New Moon is also the last before the eclipses, so make your intentions count for a few months as the eclipses are not the energy to be pushing forward into new areas with… more about that later though. It occurs at 8.01pm in Brisbane, 11.01am London, 6.01am in New York and 3.01am in Los Angeles, and the power period for growth is 8 hours afterwards, though up to 48 hours will still capture the energy.

Happy Gemini Moon, and may it be a successful month ahead for you!

Alicia x

Image by Kateřina Hartlová from Pixabay

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