Venus in Taurus, Mars in Cancer and 2019 Scorpio Full Moon – a mid-month shift

Tonight, Venus slips into her own sign of Taurus, and this is the first of three major energy shifts this week. Usually, Venus moving in her own sign of Taurus is wonderful, like sliding into a warm, scented bath after a busy day. This gentle, relieving energy will come, but only after she first meets up with Uranus. This is the first time she has come face-to-face with rebellious Uranus, and her unifying principle is trying to piece together what he is breaking apart. Ever practical in Taurus, she has her binding glue of charm and diplomacy and, like a mother soothing a child with a broken toy, Venus will consider what she can save and what is beyond repair. Perhaps something has fragmented in your life and the edges are still raw – this is where Venus can smooth the edges and help us see the silver lining of freedom and authenticity. Uranus is innovation and uniqueness, and Venus brings her valuing nature here so we can accept the new and the unusual, to bridge the gap of differences that before seemed too large to cross. Relationships may need some space or freshening up, with restlessness showing where change and excitement will most benefit. It’s likely to be uncomfortable until Monday, but after that her sweet words and love of pleasure will enhance us all, especially those with planets in Taurus.

Then Mars rushes into Cancer on Thursday, bringing themes of protection and boundaries to the surface. We can use Mars in Cancer to say no to what doesn’t suit or serve us, knowing that no is actually a complete sentence. Cancer builds walls of protection to provide a safe place for things to grow within – the uterus, the home, the greenhouse. Think about what in your life you are trying to grow. Mars can cut away what detracts from this process, and provide warmth and energy to stimulate the growth, though we do need to be careful not to burn or slice that which needs protection. Wield Mar’s sword in calm defence rather than angry attack to best use this energy.

Mars in Cancer also thrusts us into the world of feelings. This can also signal being overly protective of our emotions, or reactive words when feeling attacked. Brene Brown’s quote “people are hard to hate close up, move in” seems so apt here, asking us to use Mar’s courage to have the hard conversations and be willing to explore hurt and pain together. This is also the beginning of a 6-week journey that brings our focus across to the North Node and the future picture it’s trying to bring us towards. We’re looking at compassion versus constriction, empathy against efficiency, intuition opposed to logic. Any way that we can bring Cancer’s nurturing, caring and reflective qualities in will contribute to a better future. It’s understanding, not walls, that is the future.

This signature will rule the Full Moon in Scorpio this weekend, as deep feelings are given an outlet and expression. I have written about the Scorpio Full Moon before, and this year’s has even more intensity with the mutual reception between Mars in the Moon’s sign and the Moon in one of Mars’. It may feel like an ocean of water crashing down upon our heads but between each wave, there is a calm. The opportunity is to use that calm to take a deep breath and willingly dive deep, be with the feelings and offer them a safe space to express. If stuff comes up, find people you feel safe with, those who you can trust and share with them. Mar’s feelings of anger and rage are usually hiding fear and shame, and these dissolve in the light. Bring them out, shine the Moon’s spotlight into the nooks and crannies where they are hiding, share them with a loved one who can offer a gentle alternative view. Full moons are about balance, and the balance for Scorpio’s deep intensity lies in Taurus stable and serene connection to the real world, to the tangible. Feel your emotions in your body, as a physical experience. Watch with detachment and compassion. Breathe deeply into your heart and allow Scorpio’s purifying processes to work their magic. Just simply let go. With the Sun on the fixed star Algol, there is access to raw, feminine creative power. Finding a creative outlet for your emotions will absolutely heal here. Dance, drawing, writing, sculpting – anything that offers a felt experience so you don’t lose your head with the intense power this offers.

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