Libra Full Moon 2020

Wednesday 8 April 2020 – 12.34pm Brisbane, 3.34am London, 10.34pm (Tuesday) New York

The Moon signifies our feeling life and our unconscious, and the full phase draws it all up to the surface. Like a lid lifted on a pot, we’re not so sure what’s inside. That’s why people get a little crazy during the full moon, as it turns us inside out which can feel raw and vulnerable. The problem with this full moon is we don’t have the busyness of daily life to keep us occupied and our feelings are looming as large as that Full Moon. Isolation is forced retreat and while it’s a wonderful tool for self-awareness when used consciously, with the Full Moon bringing the hidden world to light, overwhelm is real.

As Alanis Morrissett sang “Isn’t it ironic…” that we have Full Moon in the sign of love, togetherness and connection at a time of isolation. For those who are single, I’m hearing the grief around lack of physical touch. For couples spending a lot of time together, during a crisis, you’re seeing new facets of each other and hidden surprises are revealed around how each deals with the worry, restlessness and lack of freedom. And for families juggling children at home too, the pressure is intense.

Stress never allows us to be our best selves, and this Full Moon is asking us to have forbearance for each other.  To see your partner in pain or stress and still hold the best of them. Libra is a bridge of connection, and bridges are usually built over a gap of some kind. It may be a gap of understanding, and if that’s true, use Venus in Gemini ruling this Full Moon to communicate so you can start to comprehend each other. Perhaps it’s a gap of past pain, and here forgiveness can be the bridge. Perhaps it’s a gap too wide to bridge, and that’s when energy can be put into saying a graceful goodbye.

So, what are my tips?

Let it out. Let it all out. Cry it. Write it. Sing it. Shout it.

Give it up to that big, hungry Full Moon hanging in the sky. You could try a “write and burn” ceremony on your relationship expectations, patterns or past pain. Energetically cleanse your home. Plan some fun with your partner. Plan some real connections.

A final thought to leave you with… Rumi wrote “love is the bridge between you and everything” and I have a sense that when we only need to reach out just a little right now to feel that love. Whether it’s intimate love between partners, the love of a child or a friend, or the love of the Universe, reaching out for that brings healing. Water is the planet’s love for us. Light is the love of the Sun and Moon. Nothing can stop love, not even social isolation. It thrums in the air around us, if we can just tune ourselves to listen in.

I’m not running a webinar this month, but my previous webinar on Building Better Relationships is perfect for this Libra Full Moon energy. You can purchase it here.

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