Mars in Aries

When volunteering in the flood-stricken areas of NSW back in April, it was amazing to see the Army mobilise to support the exhausted residents in the clean-up of their beloved towns. The soldiers didn’t baulk at their orders, throwing themselves into the dirtiest and messiest of tasks. Army trucks travelled up and down the highways, delivering food, supplies, equipment in a no-nonsense way. The relief was palpable as locals finally felt someone was there to help, and it reinvigorated them too, as the army’s energy spread like a contagion throughout the region.

As Mars comes to its own sign of Aries, we’re finally feeling the heat to clean up the Pisces flooding of recent months. Whether you’re literally cleaning up after floods, or wading out of an emotionally intense time, hopefully you’re feeling the dryness and energy now on the table. Aries is Mars’ day sign, and here it revels in its full glory of impulsive action, bold choices, and independence. If you need an injection of confidence or push into taking bold action, now is the time to just do it. Especially as Mars joins Jupiter this weekend, you may find yourself picking up sharp objects or throwing yourself into new projects you’ve been dreaming about for the last few years.  

This is the sign at the start of the zodiac, linked to spring in the Northern Hemisphere, and brings initiating energy with it. As Mars travels through here, put enthusiasm to use in starting something new or taking on a new project.  Jupiter lends confidence and inspiration, so you may find yourself powering towards big visions or exciting goals. This will be the most energised part of the year, as the warrior planet not only tours it’s own sign but also rules Jupiter’s growth impulse. 

And remember, Aries warrior energy isn’t always about fighting a battle, soldiers have a protective task too. Think about what needs protecting right now and be willing to pull out what you need to do so.

The heat of this combination can get intense, like the flare of a match, but it also quickly dies away. You may find frustration rising out of nowhere or higher than usual levels of irritability, so keep an eye on this in yourself and others. Cooling activities (swimming, slow dance, meditation) or foods (water, cucumber, melons, salad leaves) can help dampen this fire. Healthwise, Aries rules the adrenals, so remember Aries is like the fast sprinter who needs to rest well between events. The adrenals are also linked to fight-flight, so if you find yourself living in this state, you may need to force yourself to slow down, breathe and rest.

If you’d like to know more about harnessing Mars and information for your Mars sign, read my longer article here.

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