Cancer Season ’22

The Sols-tice is the point at which the Sun pauses in its northerly journey through our skies, taking rest and refreshing itself before swinging southwards again. The signpost to this place is the Sun entering the constellation of Cancer, also reflected in the Tropic of Cancer line here on Earth.

The June solstice is thus linked to the qualities of this sensitive sign, with its inner, emotional focus and intuitive nature. Think of the ebb and flow of the oceans edge, but instead it’s the tidal zone of the universe, regularly washed with waves of new force from the future. Some of it remains behind, pooling into cool reservoirs of insight and wisdom which we can dip our consciousness into.

Perhaps it’s because I live here, but I believe Cancer season matches so well with the Winter Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere. A time to embrace the darkness of the longest night and honour the gifts shade and shadow can bring. Like the hygge lifestyle of the Scandinavian countries, born out of the need for closeness and connection during cold winter nights, it matches Cancer’s urge to nourish, nurture and belonging.  If you wish to celebrate the Winter Solstice and taste the belonging of Cancer, try some of the rituals in this Winter Solstice workshop. It’s also linked the crab’s urge to retreat into the shell or crawl into small, dark place of protection. Cancer is also ruled by the Moon, which is strongest at night and linked to the Night sect.

In the North, it’s the Summer Solstice and longest day, marking that line between Spring and Summer. Here the dynamism of this Cardinal water sign shines through, the early days of Summer spent near water, splashing, playing and having fun. It’s also a time of being with the ones we love, making family memories in the sunshine.

This Cancer Season has some interesting moments as the Sun touches all the outer planets, except Saturn, on the way through:

  • the square to Jupiter in Aries (29 Jun) as we choose between independence and interdependence, or emotions over action. Steamy, impetuous and exciting, opportunities abound when we rewrite the past or choose self while still in close connection with clan. The New Moon on the 29 Jun embodies this energy, more on that later.
  • sextile to Uranus in Taurus (10 Jul) brings surprises and excitement, and authenticity is topic of the day.
  • trine to Neptune on 18 Jul brings up all the feels, and may remind you of the emotional turbulence of late April. Let the past be the past, by letting emotions flow free
  • opposition to Pluto on 20 July is when undercurrents become obvious, and you’re forced to face a situation hidden until now. Secrets driven under by guilt or shame will always come to the surface, so do it consciously so it’s safe.

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