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07/06/2019by Alicia0

Have you felt fogginess and befuddlement over the last few days? Or been on the receiving end of numerous technical glitches or communication mishaps? Mercury is slowing down again for his regular retrograde period (7 July – 1 August) and it’s always around the beginning and the end of this time that Mercury’s tricks are most prevalent.

Think of Mercury like a car. Cars move forward 90% of the time and like to go fast in that direction (faster than more natural modes of walking or riding). When you have to reverse is when it gets tricky. Imagine you are driving your car to a specific destination and you come across an obstacle. You cannot move past it and there is no room to turn around. So you have to back up, but you can’t just throw the car in reverse at the same speed. You need to slow down, then stop and change gears. Then you need to change your perspective, either looking in the rearview mirror or turning to look over your shoulder. And then you slowly reverse, perhaps picking up speed after a time until you find a space to either turnaround or wait for the obstacle to move.

Unless you are a stunt car driver, all of this feels unnatural, unusual and challenging, and you can’t wait to turn around so you can drive forwards again. This is how it feels for Mercury when he stations to go retrograde and that is why this is the most challenging times. Like today, and tomorrow, and then 31 July and 1 August. When there is no speed and the perspective is shuffling back and forth. That slowing down can feel foggy and the change in perspective turns us inwards as we travel back over the Leo and Cancer roads Mercury just travelled down. July 9 adds in fun with Mars coming up from behind and rear-ending Mercury while he is trying to back up, like an impatient driver with a touch of road rage trying to force his way through. This is a day to keep a cool head and stay out of arguments or heated discussions as they can end in a hot mess that will be regretted down the track.

Tips for this Mercury retrograde:

  1. Turn inwards

If Mercury’s direction is always externally focused, then retrograde brings us inwards, into ourselves. Make time for contemplation, meditation, quiet walks, retreats – anything that allows the inside voices to have their say. I’m not talking about the monkey mind that babbles incessantly all day, usually full of criticism and fear. No, the higher voices, the ones that often whisper wisdom when we take the time to listen. The volume is turned up on these right now if we give them a chance to be heard.

  1. Review your passions

Leo is all heart, and Mercury here has a passionate voice that is turned inwards during retrograde. Perhaps it’s time to revisit what lights you up, and see if it still does. Does it needs some tweaks? Or leaving behind altogether? Uranus may add in some new insights or exciting changes so you never know what you may find. Once it moves back into Cancer on July 21, you get a chance to see if there is space for all this after last month’s simplifying and decluttering.

  1. Simple planning with flexibility built in

This isn’t a normal Mercury station, as it is happening right in the middle of an eclipse tunnel, with some pretty heavy energy around as well. Plan a basic outline for the days ahead so you have something to keep you anchored and focused on important tasks, but also be gentle with yourself beyond that. If you need a doona day, take it. If something unusual and exciting beckons, slip off and follow the breadcrumbs. If you wish to spend your days dreaming and floating about, try to make room for that too.

  1. Have a Plan B

If the usual Mercury retrograde issues crop up (missed flights, miscommunication, car troubles, technology glitches) then have a back up plan in place if it’s something critical. Whether it’s a lift to the airport, an extra backup of your hard drive or a copy of important documents, it always pays to be prepared. And if it’s not urgent, then relax and enjoy the ride – after the crash with Facebook and IG last week, many people commented how much they enjoyed the break from social media for a few hours!

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