Pisces New Moon 2021

New Moon at 23 Pisces on 13 March

Brisbane – 8.21pm, London – 10.21am, New York – 5.21am, Los Angeles – 2.21am

As I sat to write this, I had a very different plan but then I noticed a blue dragonfly flitting about my room. Unhurried, it flew about but continually returned to the top of my screen to stare at me. This NEVER happens, so I took it as a tap on the shoulder to sit back and watch for a while, to notice if something else needed my attention. So let me share a little of what came through.

This is Pisces magic – little invitations extended from realms beyond that invite you to step back, to let go and listen in. Beyond what’s right in front of you, beyond the material and tangible world around us. With Neptune so closely a part of this New Moon, the material realms may be dissolving away so you can peer beyond. Or a fog is rolling in so you stop relying on your physical senses and instead awaken innate perceptions to recognise what is knocking to come in.
I say this all the time, the human has more help than we can imagine. As a species, we are at a crossroads and the unseen worlds are desperate to assist us to evolve and become more ourselves. To make use of their help, however, we need to:
– slow down to their pace
– make the space by emptying ourselves out of judgement, assumption and bias
– consciously invite it in, ask to connect
– stay neutral in ourselves so they can have a full outplay through us
– prove our trust, and trustworthiness, by giving it outplay into the world. This could be through actions, words, creativity, but it’s always about what IT needs, not what works for us.

The current dreamscape of this New Moon is like wading through floodwaters; our pace is slowed, at times we need to float over obstacles, and we need to trust the flood will recede. And it will.

Meanwhile, it does create a magical world where all is still, and everything seems different to normal life. Neptune is dissolving away boundaries and structures, but we can find containers that will withstand these floodwaters. Or Venus may inspire you to create beautiful vessels to pour these imaginative waters into their magic can move into tangible form. Music, art, dance, cooking, rest – however flow best comes through for you, in whatever it needs to happen. And if it’s tears flooding in, allow them to fall, and come into your body to create a container of safety – emotions are never bigger than ourselves as they exist within us.

And if one simple intention you set this month is to make yourself available to the unseen, in a safe way, I believe the dragonfly’s message has been passed. It’s in the space where we cede control to something higher that true peace can come.

If you’d like to know more about how this New Moon may play out for your personally, you can join my New Moon Magic workshop where all the downloads are ready to go!

2 thoughts on “Pisces New Moon 2021”

  1. feeling blessed to have been part of the new moon magic workshop, and the time you gave each of us, Alicia, was gold.
    I meant to also mention during this time I’ve been listening to reiki healing meditation music – very calming and quite beautiful.
    Thank you again,

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