Sun in Pisces

As the Sun moves into Pisces today he now brings a spotlight to themes that Venus highlighted much of last month, and now Mercury is re-treading over. Pisces is a water sign, and I always associate it with flood waters, the water that spreads out over everything, getting into every nook and cranny, knowing no bounds. Last week we had quite a deluge here in SE Queensland, as rivers broke their banks, dams overspilled and roads flooded.

The heavy rain continued all afternoon and into the night, and the next day as we drove to school the landscape was completely transformed. Field had became lakes, gentle creeks were raging rivers, and roads eaten away. It was magical, like driving around on an island, and my son especially was just amazed at how different everything seemed, especially after recent drought conditions. We stopped to play a game of Pooh Sticks at the local park, and he was captivated by how quickly the normally sluggish river snatched them away.

Passive transformation
This is the beauty of Pisces, it is other worldly, mystical, transforming the everyday into something magical. Anything seemed possible that day, like a new future could sweep in and take the place of the mundane. If hurdles crop up, or walls are put in its way, Pisces can often flow straight past them, over them or build up enough pressure to passively push them out of the way. Think of Ghandi’s peaceful protest movement in the world, such as Ghandi’s Salt March, non-violent protests of the US civil rights movements, and the amazing Baltic Way, and can see just how the flood of such waters creates sweeping change.

Human civilisation grew around flood plains, as the generosity of flooding waters left behind valuable soil from the mountains forming rich soils perfect for planting crops and grazing animals. This is the generous spirit of Pisces, giving without thoughts of return, and to wherever the need may be. It gives love without conditions, and has compassion for all.

Trust and the bigger picture
The problem with floods is that you cannot see the ground underneath, so stepping into flooded waters requires trust and a willingness to be swept away. I have fond childhood memories of jumping into flowing rivers and being carried downstream, overawed with feeling part of something bigger and more powerful than me. And excited that I could move from one place to another without any exertion on my own part. I just trusted the river to do its part. Where Pisces falls in our chart is that area of our chart/lives where we more easily see the bigger picture, feel part of something greater, and learn to trust in that.

I recently watched the movie “Rocketman”, about the life of Elton John. He is one of many artists who have Mercury in Pisces, and the creativity of Pisces shows in the way music flows so easily to him, and through him to his audience. In many scenes, he sits at the piano and songs just flood through him as he pours his emotions into his music. He states at one point “my fingers couldn’t keep up fast enough with my brain”. Other artists with Pisces planets talk about the flow of inspiration that pours through them, or their art coming from elsewhere, or things “writing themselves”. It’s a time to tap into that creative flow ourselves by just allowing the space to turn the tap on and seeing what will pour out.

The sensitive waters of Pisces usually highlight inner senses, like our intuition or extra senses. That is part of the terrain under this Pisces season with Mercury retrograde happening at the same time. It’s the perfect time to be listening to our intuition, turning our mind inwards to our feeling lives before saying anything out loud.

Shadow side of Pisces
When there is flooding here in Australia, a message is broadcast to drivers everywhere “If it’s flooded, forget it”. You can’t see what is happening under floodwaters, they can be murky with soil, the force may have eroded away roads and the current can be much stronger than it looks on the surface. The road ahead may feel confusing right now, especially with Mercury also retrograde in the same sign. If there is any doubt, patience is required as we wait for the floods to recede.

As floodwaters cannot be contained, Pisces often finds the topic of boundaries hard to comprehend. Unconditional love, compassion and generosity don’t do well with walls or rules. Yet, like a wall on a dam, there is safety in a boundary as well as building up a slipway for the excess to drain out. Tips for the coming month are knowing good boundaries, staying aware of where you end and others begin and not being overly generous, to the point of being a victim or martyr to your good intentions.

Water is always a great remedy at such Pisces like times – walks by the ocean, lake, river or dam; swimming; surfing; even dancing that invokes water. Meditation and contemplation are also useful to tap into the inner voices as Mercury retrograde turns our minds inwards. Celtic sea salt baths are a great way to ‘dry out’ if the watery feelings are too much, or a dip in the ocean if that is possible.

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