New Moon in Pisces – Rediscover Magic

Anyone else lethargic and drowsy? Add a Balsamic Moon into all the Pisces energy around right now, and it’s hard to get motivated for anything except dreaming the day away.

The good news, we have a Pisces New Moon coming up, Monday at 1.32am in Brisbane (Sunday at 3.32pm in London and 10.32am New York) that should bring the energy up. As always, New Moons are a chance to sow seeds, set intentions and get your manifesting in, and this one is no different. There is a conundrum with this one however, as the final for the astrological year, it’s setting intentions around closing down and let go. As the final sign in the zodiac, Pisces is that urge to release, where our spirit recognises the lure of the Universe. It’s where our boundaries melt away and we’re left wondering “who am I, when I am merged with all that is?” I often think of Pisces as the water in clouds, they never stay in one shape for long, but are beautiful and life giving all the same.

The externals in the world are challenging right now, and I know many are struggling to see a way forward, myself included. And yet, in those moments of loosing oneself in the beauty of the natural world around us – a sunrise or star-filled night, cloud watching, light through leaves – all that drops away. And that is where the magic part comes in, rediscovering the awe of what is it to be human and feeling deep honour to be part of this amazing Universe. One of my first memories is watching dust motes dance in a shaft of sunlight, and being totally amazed by the way they moved and caught the brightness of the sun. This New Moon invites us to remember what it’s like to be young, seeing the world through new eyes, untainted by what we think we know and what we think we can control. We don’t always need to create altars to connect to magic, we can just step outside in the Great Church of this planet and gaze up. THAT is magic.

This New Moon is also about trust and surrendering control – putting down the reins, even just for a moment, and seeing where life takes us. It’s exhausting being in control all the time, and it forces us into a place of feeling we must KNOW everything to effectively manage, organise or supervise. The future lies with the UNKNOWN, with trust, belief and hope for what is possible beyond our realm of human understanding.

Try weaving these into your intentions this New Moon. Some other themes you could explore are:

  • reconnecting to or freshening up your spiritual practices, to something more authentic to where you are NOW
  • bringing in some creativity
  • seeking quiet places and retreating, both externally and internally. Could be as simple as meditation or dropping out of the world for some time on your own
  • prioritising rest, whether for body, mind or spirit
  • allowing in flow

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