The Festival of Leo – 2019 edit

How weird has the vibe been with the Sun in the last degrees of Cancer? Like you’ve reached the shore but there’s a serious undertow and you’ve got to battle with the last of your strength to make the shore. But it’s there friends, metres in front of you, and once there you’ll be able to collapse on the palm-fringed, white sands of the beautiful tropical island that is Leo Season. No, make that the party island that is this Festival of Leo!

Oh yes, you’ve been working hard for the money/boss/sense of self/relationship/friends/children/clients/inner voices/family for months now. Now it’s time to close down the computer, step away from your desk and take off on that well deserved holiday in the sun. As the Sun shifts into its own sign of Leo later today, the energy of celebration is high. It always is with this ingress, but this year it’s even more so. Cancer Season was a HARD slog, and now we can let loose, enjoy and drink those proverbial cocktails in the sun, general celebrating life and the fact that we survived. It’s not Leo Season this year – it’s the Festival of Leo!

Leo, like it’s solar ruler, is warm, generous, passionate and bright. It radiates confidence, joy and creativity. And this year even more so, as it moves into a sign-based trine with Jupiter in the other fire sign of Sagittarius you’ll find the confidence is expanded, the joy contagious, the passion inspiring, and the creativity uplifting. So yes, we have reach the light at the end of the tunnel and it’s time to find your comfortable place in the Sun and relax for a while. Whether that is sipping mai tais next to the pool, surfing the break outside or dancing at the day party on the beach.

It is fixed fire, so there is energy to burn when we stay well fuelled – this is one of my main tips to make the most of the next month.

  1. First, just bask in the light of the Sun

Take a few days to rest and recover before joining the party. The last few months have been taxing and many of us are at low ebb. Take the first few days, even week, to recover before getting back out there. When Mars in Leo trines Jupiter in Sagittarius on Thursday you may feel the first waves of energy reclaimed and vitality regained.

  1. Stay well fuelled

The trick with using Leo’s fire is to keep it well stoked, and you will know the best way to do that. Simple things like enough sleep (which is hard on party island), regular meals of healthy food and staying hydrated will all help. And then doing bucket loads of whatever inspires you, brings you pleasure, fills your cup and lights your inner fire.

  1. Find a “handbrake friend”

With the Sun and Jupiter involved, enjoying the party a little too much is in the cards – like Friday night drinks after a hard work week can end up in a club at 3am! There are no Saturn aspects this month to bring in the handbrake, so I’d suggest finding that friend who will remind you to stay grounded, make good choices and take you home at the end of the night. Or even better, build that up within yourself. This is especially true for those with lots of fire in their charts!

  1. Relax and enjoy the party

There’s nothing worse than not being able to enjoy your holiday because your head is back in your troubles. Leave work at the office and your troubles at home, allow yourself to let your hair down, give yourself time to play, create, be inspired. It may feel uncomfortable or unusual, like standing up after hours of work bent over your desk or weeding the garden, but that’s even more reason to do it. Stretching with your arms up and chest out regularly is one way to open up your heart and allow flow within your body, so if you can’t relax or allow yourself some fun space then try that, it’s amazing how simple things can work.

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