Venus in Leo

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” – Anais Nin

This quote by essayist Anais Nin gets me in the heart each time, encouraging me in times of self-doubt and questioning. And it seems to fit so well for Venus while she travels through the passionate sign of Leo. Her cool energy isn’t comfortable in heated fire signs, but they do thaw and activate her, giving her the confidence to get out there. There is a warm charm and radiating magnetism to Venus in Leo that easily draws bees to her honey pot when she allows her light to shine.

So in this is the call to blossom, to move beyond the bud and more fully into our potential. One way to move past fear here is to see that you do it not for our own sake but for the sake of all you are part of. Another of my favourite quotes is fitting here, this from Marianne Williamson – “As we let our light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence actually liberates others.

Who will you help by shining brighter? Who will you inspire? If it’s only one person, perhaps a friend or your child, doesn’t that make it worth it? Sometimes it’s easier to walk in the shadow of others as we build up courage and momentum. Yet you need to know when to step into the sunlight yourself, so you feel it’s warmth on your own face and doesn’t just hear about it from others.

There is a regal energy to Leo, and Venus in this sign can be a Queen, comfortable in full regalia on her throne, her fiery magnificence shines out for all to see. And yet her warmth and generosity mean she’s just as likely to step off her throne and pull you into an impulsive embrace. It’s what radiates from her that makes her Queen, and offers the confidence to value ourselves in this same way. Leo has standards, including trust, loyalty and fidelity, and Venus’ in Leo will value these most highly. It’s a time to look at ourselves and question our own value systems and if they will stand up to her scrutiny.

The shadow of Leo can be ego, attached to the physical trappings of this life including power, success and beauty. Venus can hold us in this space with her love of beauty and pleasure, so keeping an eye on egocentric thoughts will be wise at this time. Usually, they come from fear so being consciously aware of our thoughts can catch them out for what they are.

For her 2020 pass through Leo: When Venus squares off against Uranus in Taurus on 16 September, there may be restlessness or urge to change – this is an indicator that something is holding you back as Uranus calls for liberation and authenticity. More courage to follow your passions and desires will come when she trines Mars in Aries on 29 September, as Mars adds even more impetus to bloom and bloom BRIGHT!

Tips for Venus in Leo

  • show up in relationships, dare to be your WHOLE you with loved ones
  • work on your self-worth and give your esteem a boost
  • break out the bling, there’s never too much shine and sparkle for Venus in Leo
  • style yourself in a dramatic way or play lockdown dress up like Rowena Meadows and her family
  • spoil yourself, whether with a little luxury gift, ordering delicious takeaway (or eat out if you’re not COIVID cramped) or spending time doing whatever your heart desires

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  1. Janella Purcell

    Inspiring and thought provoking again. LOVE your overviews Alicia.
    So much so that I just booked ina shoot day for August 9.

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