Venus in Gemini – bringing in the light relief

Wow, what a lovely, bountiful ride Venus in Taurus was! For me, being in my 2nd house and also the ruler of that house, it brought gains in income, self-value and an unexpected prize of a piece of art in a raffle (thank you Uranus in Taurus!). I’ve also heard stories of relationships blossoming (Venus in 7th), working with others on a community event bringing business opportunities (Venus in 11th) and a Taurus rising friend has just had her wardrobe styled as a gift for her 40th birthday! What did the lady of pleasure and beauty bring for you in her Taurean travels?

In less than 24 hours she slides on into Gemini and slips on her party shoes. In the mutable air of Gemini, Venus is the life of the party, as she enjoys the pleasures of time with friends and getting her bubbly, fun side on. Venus loves to unify, and Gemini loves to connect, Venus is about pleasure and Gemini is about light-hearted fun. So this next month (until July 4) is attractions of the mind, flirting through words, and a shared sense of humour. Gemini does enjoy variety, so there isn’t the steady loyalty of Taurus, instead it’s meeting lots of people and trying different things to see who or what fits best.

With all the Cancer/Capricorn crunchiness going on this month, having Venus in a lighter sign will be a welcome relief, especially as she is in a sign based opposition to Jupiter all month. The two benefics will be supporting each other, and us, by gifting moments of joy, inspiration and relief.

The New Moon in Gemini gave us a hint of what is possible, and I wrote an article then about the importance of humour to relieve heavy, painful situations (like the birth of my daughter). Laughter is great medicine, relieving tension, cooling stress responses and even improving our long-term physical health (as research proves if we need to even go there). You know those times when you’ve been in a stressful situation then someone breaks the tension with a quip and suddenly everyone is laughing so hard they can’t stop? On our wedding day, I was so nervous during the ceremony I could hardly stand still. Once it was over and we headed off for our photo session I had the jitters and our lovely photographer (gorgeous Marijose) knew just what to do and kept making jokes to relieve our tension. In almost all of our photos, we both have our mouths wide open in laughter and I just love looking back on those photos now and seeing the joy! That is what the world needs right now and Venus in Gemini can deliver.

So the tip this month is to LAUGH! Laughter crosses all boundaries, age, race, religion, and helps bond people together. Try catching up with those friends you love to joke with, or watching funny movies, listening to hilarious podcasts, visiting a comedy club, or even watching comedians on Netflix or Youtube. I’m showing my age but I still love the old school, like Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels and When Harry Met Sally, and anything with Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson. More recently I enjoyed the tension of the dark humour of Deadpool and Guardians of the Galaxy, and the amazing Green Book had me both laughing and crying at the same time. What is your favourite, “laugh out loud” comedy movie? Or comedian?

23 & 24 June are both particularly nice days, as Venus connects with Jupiter in the opposite side of the sky which expands on our feelings and adds in a “fly by the seat of your pants” energy to it all. Throw a square to Neptune into the mix, and we have a heady cocktail of going with the flow, romantic gestures and magical connections. Consciously using Neptune in a positive way can help stay grounded if you wish, so spending time by the water or enjoying beautiful music best use this vibe.

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